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Comment: Pope Benedict learnt nothing from his time in the Hitler Youth

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 23 Dec 2008, 1:44pm

    Joseph Ratzinger was never a Nazi, just an innocent German boy who was a member of the Hitler Jugend, where kids were trained to be Nazis and soldiers in Hitler’s army. Anti-semitism was part of the curriculum, so little Joseph was, like most of his generation, poured into the mold of hard-line ‘thinking’, which he put into practice when he became head of today’s Inquisition.

  2. Au contraire to the Comment headline, I’d suggest he learnt a lot from his time in Hitler Youth, continued to develop on the initial learning, and is trying to use it as the Anti-Christ from the centre of the Vatican.
    Merry Christmas, Ratzinger, may it be your last.

  3. As Kommandant Ratzinger will already be aware – if he has had an adequate theological education(!) – the majority of academic scholars of the Historical Jesus believe (on the best evidence available – the Synoptic gospels) that Jesus of Nazareth was a deluded apocalyptic preacher whose proclamation of the imminent arrival of God’s Kingdom was mistaken.

    Retired Southern Baptist minister Clayton Sullivan put it this way:

    “Jesus’ kingdom preaching was predicated on a mistake. His fervent belief that a magnificent kingdom, primarily for Jews, would appear on Earth within his listeners’ lifetime was an error, an illusion, an unfulfilled hope.”

    Clayton Sullivan, ‘Rescuing Jesus from the Christians’ p26.

    So much for Biblical or Church “Authority”!

    Kommandant Ratzinger would do better to invest more time & energy into investigating the accuracy of the “truth claims” of his religion than he does into promulgating his hateful, rigid, paranoid views.

    Happy Christmas, you old snake-oil peddler, Ratzi!…

    You could be joining your Fuehrer sooner than you realize!

  4. Villain, whoever gave you your name got it dead right.
    I’ll say a prayer for you.

  5. Mark the very fact that they are boys would point to being homosexual wouldnt you say, boys being male ?? so there again changing the argument to suit you and your sick fiends, as for going back to school, id love to, I still remember the days when we would kick the shit out of you lot down the traffic at king x and chuck the filthy shit stabbers in the canal lol,those were the days. Also have you got a thing about schools ? I wasnt aware this was a english test!! or are you just thinking of the school boys !! Are you still having mental trouble Mark dealing with what you are ? you could always check into the Marsden, they are always looking for depressive deviate nutters, what you have to relise is that 99% of the us despise you and your kind that’s why you feel the need to ram you sick antics down our throats, then you dont like it when we give it back. so as i said before why dont all of you manic depressive shitcunts piss off back to the pisshole you crawled from or better still hang yourself like a lot of you do !!

  6. Oh, for goodness’ sake. Pink News’ take on the Pope’s little musing on gender theory is only slightly more sane and balanced than Villain’s above. The Pope emphatically did not say that homosexuals are a threat to humanity, and he did NOT “vilify and attack the very existence of” gay people. I rather wonder if PN has actually read the text of the Pope’s speech.

    I disagree profoundly with almost everything Benedict has to say. I think his is wrong-headed, naive, out of touch with social realities, overly simplistic, and I suspect he has only a very limited grasp on the theories he sets out to attack. But he didn’t say anything particularly outrageous, and his speech most certainly was not the all-out attack on gay people that some would like to believe it to be. Nor do I think it was homophobic (if the word “homophobic” is to have any meaning).

    For a more rational analysis, i recommend Andrew Brown’s comment at the Guardian website:

  7. Christ is the saviour of the world?! says who?

  8. In any case, it’s amazing that a celibate man wearing a dress has the gall to say such things. Is it just me or are his statements becoming more and more ridiculous (and desperate)?

  9. Rob, yes Im from london, and yes I maybe in your eyes “semi-literate”, I also do not believe in anything to do with god/gods so your “Christian” shit goes out the window, but please do tell me what has my whereabout got to do with dirty shit stabbers ? or are you just another queerarse changing the arguement ? I dont mind being semi-literate when it has got me working for the biggest investment bank in the city of london, as you can see I get paid (a very good wage) to sit and abuse the likes of you, who depite the use of big words (you can look them up collins, so you dont have to know what they mean, because if your knit picking its “phrase” ill think your find)still have trouble with what you are, which is a sub human deviate, so spout your big words because we can see through them, you are in turmoil and cant deal with it, so if all you fudgepackers cant deal with it, how do you think the normal people can ?

  10. Rob not bitter, disgusted how you scum get so much air time, I rather have proper human rights in deabte not a bunch of self pity shit that you lot always throw about, havnt you lot got it yet !!! you are and never will be accepted into society to the point that you want, so give it up and crawl back to your stone. or better still go down the grand union canal, so I can relive my school days

  11. Bouncerman in Black 23 Dec 2008, 3:26pm

    So the Pope AND Villain would apparently appear psychologically to be very repressed Homosexuals; Homosexuals that are ashamed of their love for their fellow man.

    Those that shout and proclaim are the ones with dark secrets that they wish to hide from their family and wives. It is so obvious to us experienced in pyschiatry that both are displaying Projection with the aim of pretending to themselves and others that they are NOT repressed Homosexuals themselves. [i.e. He is bad and therefore I must be good]

    The best way to deal with that type of person is to give them understanding and pity, and ignore their very rash statements that will embarress them in future years when they live with their boyfriends (if not doing so already).

    That type of person is the one frequently found hanging around public toilets, waiting to have confidential sex with another male – before returning home to their loving wife and kids.

  12. @Villain

    It’s just that your comments have a rather blustering, histrionic note to them, that’s all…

    It’s normally only such a BIG problem for people who believe “it’s coming to get them”…

  13. Bouncerman in a binbag, Read the first thing I said !!! and what do you do the same old chestnut about repressed Homosexuals lol , thanks for proving my point lol , its always the same!! someone dosnt fit in with your sick way of thinking and straight away they are “repressed Homosexuals”. That all you lot can say isnt it lol, as I said the peas brains are kicking in, Im happly married with children and I love my miss’s arse, but that’s the thing I like womans arse’s not hairy mens arse’s like yourself, have you been to councilling yet ? have you come to terms with what you are, I think not, were as I know who and what I am lol, thank you for proving my point, dirty lowlife pedos

  14. Alan Thorpe 23 Dec 2008, 3:44pm

    Healthy heterosexuals (the pope and Villain??) don’t feel threatened by homosexuals. In my experience it is those who suppress their sexuality who spout the most vitriol. Jesus must be ringing his hands in despair as his representative on earth condones disrespect, hatred and violence against gays and transgender peoples. I know a number of friends who have turned away from the Catholic faith for this very reason. This latest outburst will surely score another own goal.

  15. The angels proclaimed “peace on Earth Goodwill to ALL mankind!” They did not add, “Except all Homosexuals!” Jesus Christ never picked on us either! All this homophobic ranting from the Vatican this year makes me feel sick! Thank God(!) I ditched the Church. To misquote Oscar Wilde, I wouldn’t wan’t to be a member of a “club” that wouldn’t have me as a member(!)

  16. Alan I dont feel threatened at all, if anything you should feel threatened, I would like to see if most of you would be so verbal in person, I think not, do you really think the church wants the likes of you ? no they dont, so leave please do, as I said I have no belief in jesus or god, what worrys me is how you brainwash young people to become gay like the latest trend, then you mess with there heads and you guessed it they either kill themself of go mad, which will you do ? and there you go again with ” suppress their sexuality ” please come up with something better, that’s all you pedos say, are you all that confused lol, fucking right you are, when you get in your head that a loving relationship is between a man and a woman !!! the better it is for all !! your all still trying to fight a unwinnable fight lol shit stabbers are not welcome and with every chance ill add to it and were poss kick the shit out of any of your dirty pedos as i can

  17. Dear me! Villian does know a lot of naughty words, doesn’t he boys and Girls. He should be soundly spanked by Nanny and sent to bed without any supper! (but he would enjoy it too much methinks!)

  18. Poor Villain is clearly seriously mentally ill and should be incarcerated in a mental hospital. He obviously suffers from extreme delusions. Could anyone so uneducated and illiterate possibly work for an investment bank?

  19. bouncerman please dont make me laugh, you wouldnt last 5 mins, id take you apart with great pleasure, then feed what left of you fishys, believe me you wouldnt be restraining me, and why would you be restraining, your not a screw are you, becasue if you are maybe I have smacked you already in one of the many queens hotels ive stayed in, and charlene i earn 43k a year and work for ?? i tell you what tell me where you work and ill come and tell you

  20. Good Heavens, only 43K. Villain can’t be anything more than the tea lady. I thought investment banks paid real money!

  21. knobber lol if i did get a friend to type my CV then it paid off didnt it lol, while i sit and get paid shit loads for abusing you, you on the other hand have to deal with the very people i have been saying about the dirty mad as a hatter poofs, id give up if i was you, they ll be mad or dead soon, oh and i like the way you make light of “kiddie fiddling demand” that just shows you the type of person/people you are, and then theres the other chestnut about feral kids lol, because you cant have children because of your sick and twisted ways all hetro’s children are feral lol, we ll id rather have a feral kid than a turb basher anyday, ill leave you all with that now, but ill bring some of BNP pal back with me tomorrow so we can get working on you all properly

  22. Knobber “Screws, low intelligence and investment banking?” yes what does that say!! ive done time and still manage to get into banking, were as you council the filth and make light of child abuse, whos the scum ??? although i did find the soap on a rope funny lol, only because if you were ever inside you would find that shitcunt poofs go section 43 for there own protection and if were ever found out would be dealt with by jugs full of hot water and suger for starters, so with my low intelligence i have manged to gain a lifestyle and income you could only dream about, what does that say councillor ??? it says as per usual that you consider poofs above all else because they are shitstabbers

  23. He is going too far – last year the vatican did get some bullets through the post – one day someone will send them direct.

    He does not realise how many kids kill themselves because of this

    He is for sure – the anti-christ, reapeared in the most spitfull way

  24. Villain, you’re a fascist nutcase – and I’m happy to tell that to your face. People like you need to be taken off the streets.

  25. AdrianTwat lol what you going to do chuck your handbag, i would only have to look at you and you would run you little turd, you couldnt take a leaf of the streets let alone me you little pedo piss off

  26. all gone quiet ??? nothing else to say you bunch off sickos ???

  27. Told you he was scared.

  28. Interesting…as we get older we become more like children again. He is an old man becoming a child again. Sadly his childhood was brutal. Picking on the little person or the defenseless is not honorable. That is a simple truth that seems beyond this man.

  29. Samuel David Johnston 23 Dec 2008, 7:26pm

    Pope Pius stood by while 6 million Jews were killed so this is all we can expect from the leadership of the Catholic Church. Except this time the Pope is trying to lead to charge to get rid of gay people where at least Pius only stood by and silently supported the massacre of the Jews.

  30. Derek Wall 23 Dec 2008, 7:34pm

    Sad stuff and obviously he has not picked up on the good work done by gay rainforest dwellers more on this here

    He might also consider the crimes of his church in covering up child sexual abuse….nasty stuff a message of hate for Christmas

  31. Gregory Carlin 23 Dec 2008, 9:35pm

    The COC were asking for fathers to have sex with their little sons, and hence, a vile evil, (which it was) and may have started the attacks on the Papacy & family, did the Nazis have a view on hoomosexual incest?

  32. There is a wonderful expression which proclaims that you are the measure of the strength of ur enemies. Surely this latest Xmas diatribe (lol) comes from a mistrusted down ‘n’ out morally bankrupt ex-Nazi, who loves red prada shoes and heavily brocaded dressups. Honestly, he is like a drug addict on a bender. I mean like give it a rest, already!!! His Xmas cracker can only be regarded with levity and the contempt that it deserves. It is sad and just shows how much power we have as a small minority if we are truly that much of a threat and able to upset a 2000 year old corrupt dynasty??!!I think we are pretty impressive, and we don’t have to lift a finger to piss him off. In politics a movement on a downer usually has a final last gasp before it sinks. I believe this old git is gonna be around for a while like the last loony-tune. Then and only then it may change. But I wouldn’t hold my breath. We may get an apology in a thousand years. Gulp! Hope organized religion is gone by then. Jezuz,I really hope so

  33. A threat to humanity? Does that put us up there with the cybermen?

  34. Ratzinger’s father was a senior police officer in Bavaria(the spiritual home of Nazism) throughout the 1930’s and 1940’s.No-one would have held such a position without being a committed member of the party.To state that the Ratzinger brothers were both in the HitlerJugend and then the Volksturm because “it was compulsory” is disingenuous.As the Jesuits say – give me the boy until he is seven and I will show you the man.It would be interesting to know what the Wiesenthal Foundation knows about Pope Benedict.

  35. The adherence to subjective moral values threatens to our civilization. Subjective moral values put the Jews (and gays) in concentration camps. The pope is fighting for objective values as the church has always done.

  36. Methinks Mr Pope protests too much :-)

  37. Peace on Earth, good will to all men?
    Nice to see a Christian following his religion which preaches love and tolerance.
    Gosh, I really am sarcastic…

    Oh, and Cybermen? Nah, Daleks more like.

  38. Yep — this pope is, like so much of the Catholic clergy — closeted gay. the Catholic church is soooooooo irrelevant.

  39. Jesus said love your enemies and pray for those that spitefully use you – I am praying for you Benedict – you need it.

  40. Villains homosexual lifestyle choice has obviously messed with his brain. Incidentally Hitler was a poofter. “Hopefully he will follow it by starting a crusade to get rid of all you dirty pedo cunts, your a disgrace to the human race, and before your brains(peas) kick in to the usual verbal shit, most of you still havnt got your head around being sub human, thats why your all fucked in the head and end up in a nuthouse or killing yourselfs (which is encouraged)so why dont you all see that 99% of us normal people are sicken by you and your like (pedos etc read the latest report 98% of child abuse commited by gay pedos)so do us all a favor and all go a died”

  41. Pinkartist 29 Dec 2008, 8:05am

    If you read this the way I read it, His satanic majestry Pope Benedict is being anti semitic in his remarks, for there is a huge contingent of jewish pink stars amongst the homosexual community.

  42. Bishop Ioan Lightoller 15 Jan 2009, 12:46pm

    My word! Villain not only needs remedial spelling and grammar classes but also some seriously heavy-duty psychotropic drugs. with a padded room and straitjacket thrown in for good measure.

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