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Victory Fund upset at lack of gays in Obama’s Cabinet

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 22 Dec 2008, 2:25pm

    Not surprising at the lack of gays in the cabinet. A president who thinks it acceptable to allow a religious facist speak at his inauguration is not a real friend of the gay community despite whatever soothing lies he has been telling until now.

  2. Hold on a minute – can the LGVF actually make a case why the proposed candidates are the best people for the job other than they are ‘LGBT’? After 8 years of nrpotism, and cronyism, the USA really needs people to be chose on merit more than ever. ‘Because they are gay’ is not a reason to select someone. And it’s an insult to people who genuinely do deserve the post.

  3. Har Davids 22 Dec 2008, 4:02pm

    What is important are the qualifications of the people he chooses, not their sexual orientation. All we need is a commitment to the Human Rights and the acceptance of LGTB’s, like in getting rid of discriminatory laws and not pandering to the bigots, like what happened in California. Let’s not disqualify anyone just because he/she is straight.

  4. To say Obama is just picking people who are best for the job is vastly naive. Some of his selections are because they’re quite good, but a lot of them are there because their backing groupings make a lot of noise. For example, the Latino community simply said: ‘We backed you, now let’s see the pay off’. As a grouping, they were admirably open to the idea of strong-arming the president-elect. Some members of the gay community seem to have the frankly ridiculous idea that Obama isn’t a politician like any other and will do the right thing because he has some innate desire to do the right thing. When it comes to equality issues, Obama is going to be like any other US president – he’ll do nothing unless forced. The Victory Fund has contributed a lot of money and expertise to getting gay politicians elected – especially Democrats. In part, Obama’s victory, and the Democrats’ victory in Congress, is down to the work of the Victory Fund. They’re entitled to comment on the lack of gays in the US Cabinet, because they’ve paid for that privilege. There are enough lesbian and gay people out there in politics and business to be considered seriously for cabinet positions. The fact that they haven’t been suggests that Obama has no seriousness about lesbian and gay equality policies, thus far. If the lesbian and gay community continue to ignore what is becoming an increasingly large character flaw in the president-elect, it is destined to suffer many more years of discrimination, fag-bashing and queer-killing in the US. The fight for gay equality in the US began with the Stonewall riots and not with Liberace in Vegas. It’s time to take politics seriously and remind the new administration of this.

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