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Documentary about shamed US evangelical Ted Haggard airs next month

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Quick 22 Dec 2008, 4:18pm

    Sad, sad man. Loving the lies they are saying. Makes a change from the ones from the bible.

  2. Cue lots of internalised homophobia – ie. I was recruited, I have a disease like alcoholism, I need curing, I am disgusting etc. Not once will he look to homophobia as the ‘bad guy’. Bigots will watch this & use it as proof that being Gay is nothing but (at best)bad (at worst) will ruin your life!

  3. “cured” after 3 weeks of “intensive” counseling….

    so why does he say “I am who I am. I am an evangelical, and continue from time to time to struggle with same-sex attraction.”

    I am atheist but believe in Jesus…!

    Mr. Haggard, you are gay! Stop hiding behind nonsense, face it, come out and be HAPPY!

  4. A perfect example of the madness that is at the very centre of religious thought processes as demonstrated by Ted Haggard and his merry band of looneys. Money makes religion go round, and Ted lost out big time when he was exposed. Now it’s anything to get back on the money-go-round by the look of it. If it was that easy to “cure” his homosexual drives why did he ever find the idea of sex with a man so powerful an urge in the first place? Yes, it’s another cock and bull story.

  5. he vbtw got caught again after he was outed and “fixed”

    Rumor is he supports equal marriage for gay people.

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