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California “marriage defenders” want gay unions anulled

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Reader comments

  1. Stop using Jesus as an excuse for being an intolerant, bigoted asshole!!!. There is no credible justification for this ridiculous Proposition 8 in a truly civilised, just and evolved society. Shame, shame, shame on California. This latest development is an absolute disgrace and should not just be thrown and laughed out of court, the judge should tear it up into little bits and scatter it dramatically on the court room floor in front of those who present it.

  2. Give bigots an inch and they’ll take a mile. More options in the near future for them:

    1. Re-introduction of slavery;
    2. Taking the right to vote from women, who are considered inferior beings in the bible;
    3. Burning of witches, or any woman who protests about #2;
    4. Stoning of people who work on a sabbath (could be saturday or sunday, so to be save anyone working on either of these days)

    All they have to do is read any of their ‘holy’ books, where you can find many excuses to kill others, or at least make their lives miserable.

    These ‘people’ should never have been given the opportunity to have a vote about an existing law. They claim it’s all about their precious religion, but it is nothing but hate for the ‘other’; Nazis would be the best description for them.

  3. History is littered with examples of over-reach and this is the latest.

    The mere fact that the Protect Marriage Coalition are not content with the result of the ballot and want to go still further will make some people who voted yes on 8 consider for a moment the kind of people they have been getting involved with(and see their true motivations).

    And if this move actually succeeds, the grotesque sight of people being forcibly divorced to the obvious joy of foaming at the mouth religious bigots will finish the job with many of the rest.

    This is an ugly fight indeed but take some heart from the fact that to provoke your enemy to go too far can be the beginning of your victory.

    Stay calm, maintain dignity, win the hearts of the middle and watch the extremists isolate themselves.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Dec 2008, 1:37pm

    I guarantee that none of the 18,000 plus marriages will be invalidated since they were legal at the time they were performed. Let them try to overturn them…..the democratic party in particular will receive the biggest backlash ever encountered for saying and doing NOTHING and the right wing conservative religious cultists will be in for the biggest battle they’ve ever seen.

  5. Erroll Clements 22 Dec 2008, 2:12pm

    Sad c***ts why don’t they get a life ! Don’t they have anything better to do, what about helping the sick, poor and needy.

  6. if they cancel these marriages – prepare yourselves for a real carnage
    Stonewall will look like a playing card game
    The LGBTQI will turn nasty – fire and powder will be used
    Yes cancel these wedding and California will look like Hell after the fires.

  7. “Clarity” is the one thing that the proposition is not. The ‘only’ is next to and therefore qualifies ‘marriage’. There is no such qualification next to the phrase ‘a man and a woman’.

    Thus the only contract recognized in California between a man and a woman is marriage. Thus an employment contract between a man and a woman is not valid or recognized, nor an adoption, nor a tenancy, nor any other business contract.

    It does not say anything about any kind of contract, marriage, tenancy, etc. between two men or two women.

    California has abolished all other business and personal contracts if the parties are of different genders!

  8. What nasty, spiteful little people they must be. I don’t for one second believe that they are doing this because of their religion. They are bigots who’re using that to drum up support. Quite frankly, anyone who cares SO much about other people’s sexuality must have some deep-seated problems themselves. I know this won’t pass, but I’m getting sick of this constant hate. What’s the point? Vindictiveness for its own sake and no other reason. Sad, sad people.

  9. Careful what you say, Zazou; i fully understand your sense of frustration, but this violent reaction will get the gay cause nowhere fast.
    Believe me, i really do understand the situation that gay married couples find themselves in; my partner of 21 years and i had our “Civil Ceremony” in November – we deliberately didn’t call it a marriage, but most of our (straight) friends used this term and were absolutely delighted for us. I feel that it will not be merely a gay reaction if this disgraceful proposition gains momentum. Both my partner and I would be devestated were this to happen over here; the whole idea beggers belief!

  10. I wonder what people will say when they look back fifty/sixty years from now. Will they shake their heads and think “idiots! how did they get away with that? why did it take governments soooo long to stop these haters and end wanton discrimination?” And for sure that will happen because we all look back and remember a nasty little man with a strange mustache who hated Jews, a specifically targeted group. We wonder how so many people blindly followed him and believed in his words. It’s really not that far out of reach now is it?? People will always follow zealots when they have such perfect lives they can expend so much time and energy making life rotten for others.

    Imagine the freedom to not have to form your own opinions,,just follow blindly. Such bravery. The Germans stood so proud for their leader. The haters in California are no different. Heil!

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