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Comment: South Africa’s gay human rights disgrace

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Reader comments

  1. Whilst I agree with all of the sentiments Cobus expresses with such eloquence and rightful outrage, I am not remotely surprised the South African (i.e. ANC) government is at last showing its true colours. Most of us in Britain disliked the previous National Party governments pre 1989 but thought that it was only a matter of time before S Africa under the ANC would begin to slide the same way as other African powers, into a nightmare of corruption, economic melt-down, social disorder and a collapse of the infrastructure of transport, health, education and justice established by the colonial administrations.

    It is very sad that S Africa will eventually go the same way as Zimbabwe which in its days as Rhodesia was so prosperous and saw none of the hunger, disease and disorder it most regrettable sees now.

    It is inevitable that Britain and her former dominions will attract a huge migration of our white South Africans cousins fleeing state oppression and economic and social collapse. It has begun already. It is a tragedy this once great nation faces such a future, but sadly as many predicted 20 years ago, not surprising.

  2. The United States may have signed the document, but signing is easy. Implementing equal rights for all citizens is a dream in America. It’s something that has never been done. Not for Native Americans, not for Black Americans, and certainly not for Gay Americans.

    South Africa may just be more honest about it’s discriminitory practices than the U.S. Because U.S. policies are not any better.

  3. Erroll Clements 22 Dec 2008, 2:18pm

    Thomas your comments are only to true, being an ex Rhodesian and having lived in South Africa for 16 years I saw what happened in Rhodesia being repeated, which is why I left Africa 16 years ago and will never return to live. South Africa is supposed to be one of the few countries where a Civil Partnership is recognised by the government, which makes it baffling why they did not sign the UN declaration. South Africa has a HUGE gay population, looks like they will be in for a pink rand and drain brain soon!

  4. as a (still!!) proud gay South African man who has personally challenged South African (intestate) law and succeeded in making changes in law here in support of South African (and indeed all) LBGTQI people, I can only echo the dismayed tone of this article.
    As ever politics never ceases to amaze and often distress with its ability to obfuscate. This government has repeatedly shown its colours by supporting corrupt despotic regimes, and only understand priveledge inasmuch as it applies to the elite.
    The next election will be interesting with a challenge from within the ruling party’s ranks, but I fear that the result for most of the LBGTQI community will be the same.
    Notwithstanding my love of my own country, I have applied for a visa elsewhere. How sad is that – but ’tis a reality.

  5. @Jay Croce: The US did not sign either.

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