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Christian Institute may appeal to High Court over Ladele ruling

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  1. they are complete morons…very few gay people would say it is a “chosen lifestyle”…most scientific research points to homosexuality being inherrent and genetic. what is indesputable though is that religion is ENTIRELY a chosen lifestyle, that’s why people can convert from one religion to another, or as in my case decide at adulthood that it’s all a load of nonsense and become atheist. If any group should not be protected by anti-disscrimination laws it’s religious groups, because following a particular religion is exactly like following a political party, you choose the one who’s agenda fits your own opinions/prejudices best…

  2. “The evidence showed that Lillian performed all of her duties to the same high standard for the LGBT community as she did for everyone”

    So the lazy mare didn’t do any work at all then?

  3. Erroll Clements 19 Dec 2008, 3:48pm

    Instead of wasting peoples hard earned money on this malicious two faced biggoted cow, why don;t they do what they preach and look after the needy. Just think how many people in zimbabwe it would feed and give water instead of going into fat cat lawyers pockets who don’t need the money !

  4. Sent to :Shame on you, Christian institute, for hounding men and women who love one another. Your morals are abominations; you are the most evil entity in Britain today. Your relentless pursuit of LGBT men and women is disgusting and abhorrent; you should be ashamed. See the fruits of your repellent brand of christianity:
    Your support of homophobia means you are directly responsible for these murders. Your brand of evil is the most insidious, especially when your money could be used to alleviate poverty and suffering instead of your puritan evil. The best service you could give Jesus is to close.

  5. Erroll, they appear to be motivated by vicious hatred for one section of human beings. Caring for those in need probably comes way down their ‘to do’ list. Not very Christian, are they…?

  6. This case will never succeed – we all have believes religious or not – we can not all apply our believes by refusing serving a “group” of peolple
    This would cancel all new regulations on fairness for all on “belives ground”

    So muslim will be allowed to kill all gays because of their religious belives – a kind off killing “opt out”

  7. The Christian Institute once issued a card for its members to carry in case they were involved in a fatal maccident. It read:

    “In the event of my death, I do not want my children to be adopted by homosexuals.”


  8. Among those silly booklets on their website is a call for gays to be banned from the military – still up there after 9 years, with reasoning that, basically, you can’t trust gay people in the showers and that makes them a threat to the others.

    You should also see what they have to say about gay people in their support for section 28 (gays are all on drugs, die sooner, get anal cancer, are after the kids etc etc).

    Religious nutcases – no doubt we will run into some of them with their bible placards at the Pride marches next year, as usual.

  9. Um. What is a christian lady doing being a registrar? As a job? For a christian? Wouldn’t she prefer men and women to be married in a church? I can see her standing there tutting: “Damn I should’ve gone to that seminary, this isn’t right, this isn’t me! Oh Lord, I’m wasting my life away…” Am I being silly?, because that doesn’t make sense to me.

  10. The Christian Institute has charitable status – its only goal is to promote christianity. That in itself is regarded as beneficial for society as far as the guidlines defining eligiability for charitable status are concerned. In reality it is nothing more than a political lobbying group. It seems that by devoting yourself to little more than anti-gay rallying, you can get tax exempt status. the law is a complete ass and full credit, by the way to the National Secular Society for trying to challlenge this.

    Never mind writing fuming letters to the Christian Institute, it’s the Charities Commission you should be firing off e-mails to!! Tell them directly why the Christian institute are not acting in the public interest, and should thus NOT be given tax-exempt status. Go to the following link and remember to select ‘complaints’**

    Or tel 0845 3000 219

    More about the extremely loose guidelines on charitable status can be read here:

  11. “homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle. Many ‘gay rights’ activists would say that their sexual orientation is a choice, not a genetic characteristic.”

    I notice they don’t reference these so-call “activists” who say its a choice? What a load of nonsense.

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