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Sarah Palin’s “ex-gay” church targeted in arson attack

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Reader comments

  1. TheRadicalRealist 17 Dec 2008, 9:38pm

    I bet a relative of one of the moose Palin shot out of a helicopter set the fire.

  2. OOOOups
    It has nothing to do with her at all – she thinks she is the messiah of it all and she wil take superglue and put it back together ??
    If there is one policitian to be warry of – it is her
    Hadolph is back

  3. this church should be closed down, its free will to do what you like but if it effects other people by harming them in away way its not your right. if this church was a drug it would be banned.

    “Many people who go through the process end up not as
    functioning heterosexuals but as homosexuals pushed into mental breakdowns and/or other mental health problems.”

    if it gives people mental health problems why is it aloud as i say it should be closed down. but its a cult what you going to do and some people really want to be stright. XD

  4. Such a shame. Tut tut.

    Well if the attendees of this church think the content of Africa is a country like dear stupid Sarah does, then they probably burned it down themselves trying to light a candle with a can of gas.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 Dec 2008, 1:48pm

    Pity she wasn’t in there when it burned down, the witch that she is.

  6. Mirjam Bader 18 Dec 2008, 2:57pm

    Just had my lunch and now I am looking at Palin’s Wholesome Family picture and am about to bring my tuna sandwich back up.

  7. Simon Murphy 18 Dec 2008, 3:46pm

    Nobody was injured so this story is in fact extremely good news. Lunatic, extremist churches who engage in psychological violence against gay people by claiming that they can be ‘cured’ have no place in a modern society.

  8. Could have been a publicity stunt to keep the woman in the news now that she has been rejected by the American public. She is odious indeed but the best way to deal with these kinds of poeple is to just deny them the attention they crave.

  9. john sexton 18 Dec 2008, 7:50pm

    Do you think it could be GODs judgement on them?

  10. john wilfred sharp 19 Dec 2008, 2:03am

    for me ex-gay is when you are dead .
    you cannot change what you are .
    when is palin getting a divorce ?

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