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Sweden’s highest court rejects same-sex marriage case

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Reader comments

  1. i actually agree with the swedish high court on this one, seeing as the swedish government are already well into the process of legalising full gay marriage, and the prime minister has stated that he intends the legislation to be brought in by May next year, i think this case was counter productive. The swedes don’t need to be lectured on gay rights by other countries not even canada, when it looks like they’re doing a fine job. Surely it’s better for the swedish parliament to debate and vote on this, especially as there’s a very high chance it’ll pass, than to be “forced” to introduce gay marriage because of a legal technicality? Obv. it would be very differnet if the swedes had no intention of introducing the necessary legislation….

  2. Simon Murphy 16 Dec 2008, 4:52pm

    This is no big deal. Sweden is already in the process of legalising full gay marriage so this is a minor thing.

  3. It’s a bit sad that Pink News has chosen to illustrate this article with a photo of AJ and Thomas from their ceremony a couple of years ago. They’ve since separated and AJ finds it particularly painful seeing photographic reminders of that happy day when he reads online news items. He is now in Australia and I understand that Thomas is now living in Britain.

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