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Catholic and Orthodox bishops enthuse about the joys of (heterosexual) marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 16 Dec 2008, 5:03pm

    The catholic church is hardly qualified to comment on marriage seeing as priests are not allowed to marry. The only experience the catholic cult seems to have when it comes to sex is the abuse of children. Pack of weirdoes!

  2. Derek North 16 Dec 2008, 5:24pm

    “Without the mutual love of the family our society dies”

    As long as that family makeup is defined by us, a bunch of frock wearing, old virgin men who believe in sky pixies.

    If the great institute of marriage is so society saving, then where is the logic in denying that institution to a given group.

    Surely by their own logic, if ALL were allowed membership of such a glorious group then society would be saved.

    These old liars really p@~s me off.

  3. The heterosexual family is so wonderful that all these celibate Orthodox and Catholic prelates stay firmly out of it! You know what they say about cooks who won’t eat their own food..

  4. “The most suitable environment for the harmonious development of the child is the family, composed of a father, mother and siblings,” I’m sure ‘Baby P’ would have agreed, and would have been disgusted as His Holiness at the prospect of having gay parents, or a single, loving, parent, for that matter….If only Nero had been more thorough….

  5. Christians need to have a hate group to disdain.It was the Jews- but now it is gay people. As a partner in a loving relationship if I followed the church it would be a sad lonely life,instead it is a loving life full of joy and discovery. That is what the church would like to destroy.

  6. TheRadicalRealist 16 Dec 2008, 10:47pm

    Is a 60% divorce rate among heterosexuals part of “god’s plan” too?

    Filthy lying hypocrites. Religion needs to die.

  7. “Other sexual expressions such as fornication, homosexual acts and sexual unions outside marriage are contrary to this vocation to love.”

    What a shallow, naive and sanctimonious position to take… and all this advice from a bunch of paedophiles who’s spend most of their time trying to cover up their wrong doings.

    Given all the appalling attacks against children by the church, isn’t ironic they use the expression “suitable environment for the harmonious development of the child”. Indeed, the most suitable environment has been clearly shown to be away from priests.

  8. Jen Marcus 17 Dec 2008, 7:17pm

    The Catholic Church hierarchy knows little to nothing about any kind of marriage, or marital bliss by any sexual orientation because they do not allow their priests to marry, nor do they permit women to be priests.In essence, they are all teaching and living in a cave on a different primitive planet primarily populated by unevolved males.

  9. john wilfred sharp 18 Dec 2008, 2:41am

    the best in marriage is the divorce
    50% go for it as the can .

  10. Simon Bellord 18 Dec 2008, 4:40am

    All these coments are ignorant and hate filled with prejudice of the most base kind. Gay!!??? How sad you all are.

  11. “As long as that family makeup is defined by us, a bunch of frock wearing, old virgin men who believe in sky pixies.” I love this comment! Yes and they use a story book made up 2,000 years ago plus which has been lost in translation to persecute us on the grounds that a metaphysical being who may/may not exist is bothered? REALLY!!!!!

  12. These comments all seem to imply that humans are (or should be) perfect, and that if you are not perfect, you have no right to make any point about anything at all because to do so would be hypocritical. Do you apply this same standard to yourself?

    The fact that the Catholic Church failed to effectively screen predators from the priesthood (a human failure) doesn’t mean that the teaching office of the Church has no validity. Almost ALL Catholics and Catholic clergy are horrified by this extreme sexual objectification and violence by clergy. To be honest, you must admit that this is a manifestation of this pervasive problem in our culture at large, and I imagine you can also find it in homosexual culture.

    I saw nothing in this article that indicated disdain for homosexuals. You could read any number of Church teachings, writings of Confucius, admonitions on Sesame Street, training from your parents, etc., and conclude you are the object of disdain if you feel your behavior doesn’t measure up. Yet from all of those “pulpits”, the “teacher” doesn’t disdain the student. The teacher wants what is best for the person.

    I would like your observation about your fellow homosexuals. . .is there any possibility that there is a common thread among you that relates to your own upbringing? How would you characterize your own childhood? Were your parents divorced, emotionally distant from each other, emotionally distant from their children, abusive to each other or to their children, their marriage characterized by unconventional gender roles (e.g., mom “wore the pants”, belittled the father), or substance abusers? The reason I ask is that people I know who are homosexual seem to have those sorts of issues in their families. I know one woman who was in a long-term, monogamous homosexual relationship, and in her late 30s, married a man. She attributes her initial orientation to difficulties and confusion in early adulthood. I also know of a woman who was married to a man and had three children. The marriage was contentious and she subsequently left the marriage for a homosexual partnership. Both of these women were from homes with divorce and substance abuse. I sincerely would like your opinion of this, since we so often hear that people are born homosexual.

    Thank you for listening.

  13. Having brought up three boys in a lesbian house hold albay they were born before my partner and I met I can honestly say that they are happy, well adjusted, none prejudice human beings who give religion a huge swerve, not because we have stopped them but because of the trash spouted about various things not just gays that they feel are bigoted and prejudice.

  14. Oh, god, another f*cking idiot… Lucille, get a life you moron. “Homosexuals”, or gay people as we like to call ourselves, don’t have “sorts of issues in their families”. What a naive, and quite frankly, stupid thing to say.

    What you said there is what’s referred to as argumentum ad ignorantiam. You looks for pitiful reasons for gays because it makes you feel better.

    Let me set the score for you, sweetheart. I don’t come form a “broken family”. My parents are actually very accepting and encouraging of my sexuality. I am well educated, having been bless with inheriting my parents intelligence, and hold a high position professional job. I live with my simply adorable partner, and have been doing do for 8 years. I’m also hilariously funny, and not a bod looking bloke. I am very happy with my life… why wouldn’t I be, I have a lot to be thankful for.

    Now its my turn.

    Let me try what you did… I’m going to make a few assessments of you: you finished school early. Didn’t go to college. Has self esteem issues that need a scapegoat, such as gay people, to justify your own inability to succeed. Probably not too good at meeting men, hence you blame gay men for your ills in life… how can they get a bloke when you can’t. Probably suffered some domestic abuse at some stage. Low income job, so you turned to religion, which makes you life one bit less miserable than it really is.

    Is that a suitably good generalisation, there Lucille? Hmmm?

  15. For such a highly educated bloke, your writing could use an editor. Your assessment of me is entertaining. I have a bachelors and a professional degree, married for 20+ years, never blamed a homosexual for any of my problems nor suffered domestic abuse. I am a cradle Catholic which has never let me down. I have no one to blame for anything, because my parents taught me to think ahead and take responsibility for my life, hence, I have no significant regrets, just that I wish my house was tidier.

    Now, once your knee stops twitching from that spasmodic jerk, re-read my question and answer it, if you will.

  16. The Catholic Church calls all men and women of every age, race, social status, and sexual orientation to live pure lifestyles that respect the people around them. As a single young women, I am called to be pure in the way I talk, the way I dress, the way I present myself and the things I pursue. What that comes down to is the respect I have for myself as a child of God, and the respect I’m willing to pay others through my words, actions, thoughts and deeds. If I am going to love the people around me to the best of my ability, will I ever be able to do so if I am thinking entirely about what I can get out of it?

  17. isn’t is about time we ignored the church now. They will always jockey for first position. They are as far away from the love of Christ as can be. The quality of their leadership questions their love of all.
    They are a political institution.

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