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Which MEPs are supporting civil partnerships recognition?

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  1. Don’t forget allows you to send messages quickly to your MPs, MEPs and various other representatives.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 16 Dec 2008, 2:00pm

    What an exercise in futility this is. Even if a resolution were adopted, it has absolutely no teeth in it to mandate recognition of same-sex unions. How can you have 20 or more countries with different sets of rules for same-sex couples? At least Holland, Belgium, Spain and Norway all have the same rules and outnumber those that don’t. The rest will be a hodge-podge of some having more rights than others, far too much disparity and what’s the point? Either have one universal law for all or continue on the road to chaos, confusion and discrimination in the delivery of “inequality” which is what this would sanction. There should be no opt out clause for any member state, that’s why such a resolution wouldn’t work nor would it be practical as we are already seeing between France and the UK. Its an absurd notion having all these nations negotiate with one another on who gets what and what can or cannot be recognised for gay couples as far as cultural differences are concerned. Stupidity at best, though well intentioned!

  3. It might be only 1 in 10 on average but I notice that every single Lib Dem MEP has signed.

  4. At the very least, this will ensure that UK couples who have a Civil Partnership can have their relationship recognised in the EU for basic civil purposes – tax, inheritance, next of kin and right of abode. This is important for couples who would like to migrate in future to other countries in the EU.

    It’s also important for couples who like to travel around Europe! What happens if one of you has an accident on holiday? This legislation is the only way to ensure your partner gets basic rights as next of kin. Otherwise he/she’d be stuck waiting for your parents to arrive to find out what’s going on while you’re waiting for surgery.

    It also means that couples who get legally married in Spain can have the marriage recognised in the UK, albeit as a civil partnership, without having to register here as well. Avoids a lot of extra hassle and paperwork.

    It’s not perfect in terms of rights but it’s a lot better than having nothing at all in the EU legislation. Stepping stones.

  5. Glad to see many Conservatives signed up to it as well.

  6. Update the list of signatories? I’ve had an email from Mary Honeyball confirming her signature :-)

    Only Syed Kamall and Claude Moraes of the London MEPs have not responded to me.

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