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Lithuanian MPs vote to “protect” minors from homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. so they’re in the EU with all the benefits that come from us filthy queers, but want to keep an apartheid system running.

    Would our politicians accept such treatment of BEM people? No of course they wouldn’t, so why do we LGBT people have to put up with this never ending CRAP from the priest-ridden eastern European countries?

  2. Har Davids 15 Dec 2008, 3:31pm

    The EU is at this moment busy in the UN, trying to bring about some changes with regards to a global recognition of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, which shouldn’t even be a point of discussion, while at the same time one of the EU-members has a fit of gay-bashing. This behaviour shouldn’t be accepted by the EU, not from any of it’s members.

  3. Laws against minorities does not feed, cloth and house it’s majority. It’s unfortunate that the EU is expected to financially prop up this banana republic while it’s parliament tackles homosexuality…

  4. They need to be expelled from the EU. We do not need that.

  5. Patrick Dublin, Ireland 15 Dec 2008, 6:25pm

    I don’t see how expelling Lithuania from the EU would help the position of the persecuted LGBT community in a socially backward country such as Lithuania. After all, its neighbours Poland and Latvia are alo deeply homophobic too. Ireland was in this position just 20 years ago, in the vice grip of the Catholic church’s moral control.

    I think a better way for the EU to push Lithuania into line would be to threaten (and act if necessary) to cut off all regional funding assistance. It’s amazing how money can make peoples’ and politicians’ attitides change fast.

  6. Sadly, teens need protection from religious fanatics, not sexuality!

  7. As Christine Hamilton might say, this is Section 28 on stilts.

  8. Patrick – I have been to Lithuania, I have a friend who is gay from Lithuania, Lithuania is in 1940s Ireland! His grandmother only got electricity in 2004! No joke.

    I agree. Expelling them from the EU, would do nothing and solve nothing, but cutting regional funding would change attitudes fast.

    However, the Church would quickly jump to the government defense and bark from every pulpit in the land, no doubt.

    Mr Vaitiekunas, the foreign Minister is correct in what he says and I agree, things are changing, even if, it is very slow

    I agree. Expelling would do nothing but cutting their funding would.

  9. agree with most of you – they have got the cash now – but they are laughing at us and do what they want
    The EU system is weak and a complete joke
    But of course religious and race rights are protected !!!!
    One day this will all come back to OUR faces – but we glbt people we will not even see it as we are so used to it !!!

  10. Tolerance towards homosexual persons is fine, but protecting minors from presenting homosexual orientation as “natural” or “alternative” to heterosexuality is OK, too, if Lithuanians wish to do so. These two aims do not necessarily collide.

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