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Gay “cure” policeman’s employment tribunal backed by Christians

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Reader comments

  1. If your duties conflict with your beliefs perhaps you should be considering your position.

  2. This is not an issue of religion or belief… it’s a straightforward issue of insubordination in a profession where – like it or not – a hierarchical structure and the integrity of the chain-of-command really are necessary for the whole operation to work at all.

    It’s really a very sad indictment of contemporary conservative Christianity that these petulant ‘Christians’ prefer to turn their workplaces into ideological battlegrounds over sometimes very petty issues (in this case the ‘right’ to use the internal communications system inappropriately), than to conduct their chosen profession with as much integrity & dignity as possible – or leave.

    I can’t help feeling the Victorian Evangelical spiritual forebears of these ‘martyrs’ would be utterly ashamed of them.

    PC Cogman has plenty of opportunity outside working hours to promote quack remedies for misdiagnosed ‘diseases’, peddled by those who share his folly and ignorance of both medical & historical evidence.

    The same applies of course to any other employee peddling a ‘controversial’ cause or therapy using their employer’s resources after being instructed not to do so – from Auricular Acupuncture to the ‘Science of Zoence’…

    Do it on your own time!!!

  3. Your headline “Gay “cure” policeman’s employment tribunal backed by Christians” is as disingenuous as a tabloid running the headline “Young boy sexually abused by gay man.” The Christian Legal Centre is just a small, nasty, homophobic pressure group who have hijacked the term “Christian” to hoodwink the media. For those of us who are fighting homophobia from within the belly of the beast this sort of attack on our religion is extremely unhelpful. On our blogs we are constantly backing up your campaigning and reportage, regardless of your religious views. It would be useful to us if you would be more careful about how your choice of words effects our campaigning.

  4. I think that if this officer has such problems with his current job he needs to go into another line of work.

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