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Can you help vulnerable gay teenagers this Christmas?

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  1. Your logo and link is now on my webstite. Hope this helps.

  2. in a very real sense these are our children, if no-one else cares we should, and we can all give a little, and thus make a lot

  3. thak god for such comunities to foster peoplelike us.I pray for more people willing to aid.

  4. wemt to donate and no paypal link. As I dont register on web sites, and this is the only way to doant. It is a shame. Please open a paypal account.

  5. it’s a personel thing and nobody will judge that ” wow u r gay , that so bad ” … it’s your life do what ever you wanna do , oh i forgot to tell you that i’m gay and i like to be a gay ,

  6. Is there any other way to send a donation. I am gay and I love being gay and I would not have it any other way, but there is no Paypal or even Google pay account. If you set up something like that I am more than happy to give what money I can to help

  7. Charities like these are wonderful. I only wish we had more like this in the US where you don’t even hear about gay teenagers becuase of the fears and presures from peers. We need more like this in the US. Any information you can give me regarding how to start a charity of this sort, would be greatly appriciated. Thank you for your work! You’re the greatest.

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