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PFLAG launches safe schools training for parents and LGBT allies

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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2008, 5:49pm

    PFLAG is sorely needed in the UK. Its the parents of potential future homophobes that can make the difference. Like other forms of bigotry….homophobia is learned behaviour, usually emanating from the home, perpetuated in the school playground by one generation to the next. Intervention is the best remedy starting from a very early age, teaching children to respect others no matter their differences or appearances. Expect no support from religious cults, another breeding ground for homophobia that translates into bullying and discriminatory legislation.

  2. i dont remember any homophobic bullying at my school however i’m not camp, if i came out however im sure it would have been really bad with the people who where not my friends but its only a small group of poeple in schools that bully and always will however i really not have the exprince with this

  3. Bullying happens no matter what. In the U.S. the insult dujour amongst kids from 4-92 is “that’s so gay”. So I guess it’s time to get over it?

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