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Malone sentenced to life for homophobic murder in public toilet

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Reader comments

  1. Lock the bastard up for life and throw away the keys. He should never get parole!

  2. Here here, Think the judge got it right for once, minimum 30 years seems as good as he could give. Hope it puts off all the other nutters.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Dec 2008, 5:42pm

    Why don’t they make it for “life” and mean it, he’ll be out before he completes his full term, even those with no parole, laywers wheel and deal on appeals.

  4. Not for a second do I condone murder, let alone a homophobically motivated one, but isn’t it about time dirty old men stopped hanging around in public toilets. It just gives people like this ammunition to go out and commit attacks like this.

    I could understand the reasons in the days before homosexuality was legalised, and many of us fought to make it tolerated, if not accepted. If we want to pull, we have gay pubs, bars, internet chat rooms and much more, so I see no necessity to carry on doing what is still illegal.

  5. The thing is.Buzz, it’s not just about out Gay men is it. A lot of cottaging goes on because of the “straight” men who use the toilets or whatever. As long as they feel unable to come out as Gay or Bi because of family or work etc, then cottaging will go on.

  6. Quite true wossname – most sex that goes on in toilets is straight sex not gay sex; but as that’s deemed “normal” it doesn’t get talked about anything like the same way.

  7. Malone is a victim of the invisble homophobic drip.

  8. No Steve, Malone is the victim of his own murderous hand, his own malicious mind and his own mendacious thoughts. He has no one to blame but himself. May he duly rot in hell. The real victim is, sadly, dead. Malone killed him.

  9. 30 years min that gr8 hope its longer dont think he will be on good Behaviour if he does not like men looking at him. XD feel bad for his kids tho with no dad, Selfish git.

  10. Those kids are better off without their serial psycho-killer ‘parental-unit’.

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