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Jade Goody attacked over lesbian slurs

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Reader comments

  1. Nothing Jade says really surprises me after the whole Shilpa Shetty episode. She’s just a dumb bunny ignoramus punching above her intellectual weight.
    However I was a bit surprised that she appears to be saying her own mum is a lesbian. Did I read that correctly? I know it’s not impossible, but I would have thought that would be in the public domain years ago with the level of tabloid exposure she gets.

  2. theotherone 12 Dec 2008, 12:37pm

    amyislame has a bloody cheak after her comments about Transpeople (‘I don’t want men in my toilets’ i beleve she said.)

    This is a classic example of oversensitivity. Far more offensive things are said to me on a daily basis by people who are more guilty of stupidity than any phobic reactions.

    Get a life amyislame: Jade is harmless if (resolutly) stupid and you’re no friend of Queer people either.

  3. flapjack, the fact her mum is a lesbian has been in the public domain since she first appeared on Big Brother.

    I think the tabloids did do a bit of “Ooh, isn’t it funny?” when she was in the house, particularly as her mother is also an amputee (lots of “One-Armed Lesbian” headlines). However, once it was realised that her mother is pretty much normal, the headlines dried up.

    And I would agree with theotherone, Amy Lame is an attention seeking z-list celebrity (not unlike Jade Goody), who’s comments about trans people were actually worse considering she’s a well-known talking head for the LGBT community.

    At least Jade makes no secret of the fact she’s thick as mince.

  4. I don’t care what this twit says about lesbians, I’m just sick of her on my TV screen… this girls only claim to fame is that she has the IQ of a banana.

    When will she just get lost and stop boring us with the trivialities of her depressing little life?

  5. lame lives up to her name.

  6. Oh please, she should shut up and take a look at herself. Quite frankly I see nothing wrong with Jade Goodys statement it’s a very mild caricature and is not in my opinion homophopic. Perhaps someones needs a teeny bit of publicity. Stop being so bloody oversensitive.

  7. I can’t see much wrong with what Jade said. It is well known that her mother is a lesbian and that Jade has had to deal with homophobic abuse because of it. Jade is obviously comfortable with gay people and doesn’t hold homophobic views. There are plenty of real homophobes out there to go for without demonising a young mother struggling with cancer. I have to say that although I know that most lesbians don’t have short hair if I do see a woman with very short hair and wearing trousers it does cross my mind that she might be a lesbian. It isn’t homophobia- it is just understanding fashion trends in the gay community…

  8. SteveDenver 13 Dec 2008, 6:28am

    Stereotypes exist for a reason. Don’t be petty.

  9. omg she not homophobic hes just not with it at all lol media need to leave her alone and she need to leave the media some people dont have the skills to be on tv lets just say.

  10. It’s not homophobic, ferchristsake! It’s a generalisation, granted, but a lot of gay girls like the ‘boyish’ look. Look at Amy Lame for example!

  11. But it’s true! Every lesbian I know has short hair. And they all live in Dalston too.

  12. Jade Goody is an idiot. ‘Nuff said.

  13. Her mums a lesbian! Get the f–k over it. People are allowed to say things flippantly. What are we coming to – call the thought police!

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