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12 December 2008

  • 12th December 2008

    Elton John loses defamation case against The Guardian 18

    The article mocked Sir Elton's charity work

    5:48 PM — A spoof column satirising gay star Sir Elton John was not defamatory, the High Court in London has ruled.

  • PFLAG launches safe schools training for parents and LGBT allies 3

    PFLAG is offering safe schools training

    3:16 PM — An advocacy and support group for the families and friends of lesbian and gay people has launched a new community-based safe schools programme.

  • MEPs call on Vatican to embrace LGBT rights 4

    The Vatican is under pressure from MEPs

    2:33 PM — Members of the European Parliament have called on the Vatican to support a statement on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights to be read out at the UN next week.

  • Obama’s environmental protection team brings first LGBT appointment 2

    Ms Sutley will co-ordinate environmental policy for the new President

    1:50 PM — The first prominent lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans person to be appointed to President-elect Barack Obama's new administration is the current Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles.

  • Video: Republican party must take “long hard look at itself” 1

    Colin Powell thinks gays should serve in the military

    1:01 PM — A leading Republican has said that the party needs to change if it wants to have a future in America.

  • Policeman may be among Sol Campbell homophobic abuse suspects

    A policeman may be one of the suspects

    12:31 PM — One of 16 men wanted for questioning about homophobic and racist abuse aimed at a footballer during a match last month may be a serving police officer.

  • Malone sentenced to life for homophobic murder in public toilet 10

    Mark Malone will serve life in prison

    12:13 PM — A 30-year-old man found guilty of the murder of a retired accountant in a public toilet in Surrey has been jailed for life. Mark Malone will serve at least thirty years.

  • Emmerdale Spoilers: Will Anna’s love for Matthew overcome his lies? 1

    Will the King family survive Donald's tricks?

    12:09 PM — Anna is summoned to a De Souza board meeting, fully intending to sell her shares in the business. Instead, she is floored to discover that De Souza is the major shareholders in Polek Haulage. Meanwhile, the Kings discover they have until the end of the day to raise funds or else the creditors will liquidate their assets. When Anna returns from the meeting, Matthew is furious to hear about the situation, almost cancelling the wedding.

  • Holloaks Spoilers: What will come of Tony’s future?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    12:04 PM — Theresa is sick of living with Nana and works her charms on Myra in order to move in with the McQueens. Tony is playing on her mind, but can she go through with her allegations knowing that she lied? While she worries that she could be in trouble for wasting police time and the whole village will be talking about her, Tony is resigned to his fate and gets his financial affairs in order before gong to the police to change his statement.

  • Jade Goody attacked over lesbian slurs 13

    Jade Goody is a reality TV star

    12:01 PM — Comedian Amy Lame has branded reality TV star Jade Goody homophobic after she said that lesbians have "really short hair."

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Whitney searches for her real mum

    Whitney tells Bianca she wants to find her real mother

    11:48 AM — Whitney hears Bianca talking to Ricky about her and Tony and runs off before deciding she wants to search for her real mum's address – a discovery which knocks Bianca for six. The Jacksons are still reeling from the fallout of Tony's actions and wondering how it will end for them all.

  • Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Jed and Maria bring Tony down between them?

    What has Carla got in store for the devious Rosie?

    11:42 AM — Maria is locked in the house with her husband's killer and listens stunned as he tells her that the affair was going on for months and admits that he did want Liam out of the way. Tony then offers her a million pounds to stop the accusations. Maria is aghast and sets off to the police station. Carla can't understand why Tony won't sack Rosie but he insists that he would also have to sack Sally and that would arouse suspicion. Carla decides to let Rosie know exactly how she feels about her betrayal before heading over to Maria's to tell her side of the story. Carla tells Leanne that Tony knew about the affair but has forgiven her but Leanne is not convinced that Tony is the forgiving type. Meanwhile, Jed Stone has heard Maria's accusation and thinks he is on to something – he lets Tony know that he is going to compare notes with Maria.

  • Census goes online but no question about sexual orientation 4

    The 2011 Census will include a civil partnership option

    11:13 AM — The next national census will be held on 27th March 2011. For the first time the marital status question will include a civil partnership option, but there will not be a question on sexual orientation.

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