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CPS “rightly proud” of rise in prosecutions for homophobic hate crimes

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Reader comments

  1. Gino Meriano 12 Dec 2008, 6:09pm

    well done,

    now what about all the thousands of victims that suffer hate crime that does not get reported ? what are the police doing to get more people to report ?

    maybe a report on how others suffer because of the lavk of help and support, it seems many organisations are looking for “pats on backs” when it comes to LGBT issues

  2. Last month, in a central London borough, I reported a gang of youths attacking me and two others, having received from one of their number verbal abuse that escalated at an alarming rate.

    I was off work two weeks and a friend dislocated his thumb, in the process of us holding our ground. Local police proved understanding and supportive. The CPS has agreed to a charge containing a requisite homophobic aggravated element. No ones saying it’s easy but it has to be worth the time and effort involved in stopping these haters from abusing total strangers without fear of sanction. Who else will?

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