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Vatican claims to support human rights but still opposes UN declaration on sexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Another great paradox for future generations to ponder about.

  2. Simon Murphy 10 Dec 2008, 5:38pm

    The pope has an email address (oh yes he does). His address is Why not drop him a line to tell him what you think of him.

  3. heh, I’ll do just that!

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Dec 2008, 8:21pm

    Just exactly what is it that the Vatican is so scared of? Did legalising marriage equality in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Canada and South Africa have any impact on it or compel other countries to recognise their marriage laws? Of course not, so why the hysteria over marriage rights? Makes no sense.

  5. Leavethe Roman Empire out of Inernational politics!

  6. A complete joke this vatican – out of time and out of talks out of religion and peace

  7. time we started taxing the RCC as the political and lobbying body it is

  8. Jen Marcus 11 Dec 2008, 3:28pm

    As usual the Vatican “talks from both sides of its mouth” and continues its hypocrisy . We (the Vatican) do not want to condone discrimination and bigotry with women and LGBT people, but we practice it anyway! Spot On: “Out of time, out of sync ,out of step and simply out of tune, and Quite Frankly, Very FLAT”!

  9. Come on, we all know the Vatican has never held back any advancement of anything before. Give Christianity a slice of POWER to be going along with… just don’t let it get too deluded or oppressive.

    Hang on a minute….

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