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Mayor of Moscow’s message to gay Eurovision fans – stay off the streets

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Reader comments

  1. Why all this hate?

  2. ‘They need to be eliminated’

    Thats helpful isnt it. Yes, lets kill millions of innocent people and see what happens.

    No wonder the worlds screwed with stupid ignorant comments like that.

  3. Simon Murphy 11 Dec 2008, 9:33am

    People must write to the Eurovision to insist that unless they insist that gay people should allowed have their pride parade and be protected by the police from neo-facists then quite simply an alternative location be found. If Moscow cannot deliver this then it is not a suitable location. Write to them at;

  4. Simon Murphy 11 Dec 2008, 9:35am

    Here’s what I wrote them:

    “Dear Mr Stockselius

    How does the Eurovision Song Contest propose to react to the statements made by the Mayor of Moscow yesterday to warn gay people visiting the city for the event next year that they are not welcome on the streets?

    Speaking at a press conference the Mayor, who has banned every gay rights march in Moscow since 2005, gave some advice to gay people coming to the city for Eurovision:
    “Entertain yourself, no problem, but not on the streets, squares, marches and demonstrations.

    Russian and Belarussian activists are planning a Slavic Pride event in Moscow to coincide with the Eurovision final on May 16th. The semi-finals will be held on May 12th and 14th.

    What specific actions does the Eurovsion Song Contest plan to take to ensure that the gay people will be protected.

    As the Eurovision is so popular among the gay audience it is essential that the Eurovision Song Contest condemn the Mayor of Moscow and INSIST that any Gay Pride parades will be permitted and that the police protect them from the Mayor and his facist supporters.

    If the Mayor cannot promise this then the venue for the ESC next year MUST be changed. Otherwise the ESC is aligning itself to a violent, brutal, homophobic regime.

    Yours sincerely”

  5. I have always found that the most violent homophobic people, are repressed homosexuals themselves, who cannot say to the world “I am gay” for whatever reason, be it family, work etc.

    Is this the case with the Mayor of Moscow?

    There was 2 lads in school with me. 1 called me “Graham” after Graham Norton, the other called me everything under the sun. Guess what? They are both gay! Met 1 in the gay bar, 3 months back and the other holding hands with his boyfriend in a shop!

    Eurovision Night is the campest thing on TV! however, the eastern Europeans don’t realise this because this is normal TV for them the other 364 days of the year…

  6. give us your money then f* off

  7. I am shocked by the comments that the Mayor of Moscow has made. I may very well boycott it next year. I too have emailed the EBU making my feelings known, but I fear that it will be too late to move the event to another venue, even if they did have the stomach to do so.

  8. Simon Murphy 11 Dec 2008, 5:16pm

    Graham Norton is tne new BBC presenter. How do we get him to condemn this Mayor. He would be in a perfect position to cause a stink about the facist mayor of Moscow,

  9. Hey Martin, you said, “I have always found that the most violent homophobic people, are repressed homosexuals themselves, who cannot say to the world “I am gay” for whatever reason, be it family, work etc.”

    You make a stong comment, do you have any authoritative findings
    for your belief, because I’ve not seen anything that would
    support your statement, in fact I see it
    to be nothing more than wishful thinking on your part.

  10. Here is the reply I received from Eurovision:

    “Thank you for your email. I must insist in my comment that the EBU as the rights holder of the Eurovision Song Contest never divides our fans into groups. We welcome all fans, regardless of their religious believes, race or sexual preferences. And as always, and as late as in May this year, we work together with the local authorities and the host broadcasters to ensure the safety guarantees for all the delegates, media and fans visiting the event of the Eurovision Song Contest, regardless where it is being held.

    This will be no change for the ESC09.

    Best regards

    Svante Stockselius

    ESC Executive Supervisor”

    They did not address the last question I posed to them and have written back to ask for an answer.

  11. Terry Floyd Johnson 11 Dec 2008, 7:05pm

    This hydrophobic excuse for a human being should be recalled. This garbage going in and going out nut job, is a poor excuse for a politician, not to mention human being.

    Gays and Bisexuals don’t have to prove anything to anyone; they are guaranteed their rights by law. These hate attacks by people in power, needs to start getting these blind hatred bastards out on their ear.

    We don’t owe anyone any reason for our sexuality; we live under our rights, just as these diseased individuals do; and we aren’t going to give them up.

  12. Well it’s quite clear what the correct course of action is for us all… We should all boycott travelling to Moscow for the ESC, and ensure that (a) the Russian economy sees none of our money or tourism (b) that the performance venue is practically empty on the night. Without gay fans, Eurovision would be a damp squib of an event.

    I am probably going to email the EBU as well, but considering the response Eugene posted above, I’m not sure it’s going to do anything.

    Russia should not be permitted to host this year’s event if they are going to stir up aggression and hatred towards gay people on the streets.

  13. We have many homophobic, religious zealot Russians living here in Sacramento and I see where they get their attitudes from!

  14. Never mind about boycotting Russia and denying them queer money, that’s small change, the boycotts should be throughout Europe in every venue. That will make more of a noise than the few travelling to Russia. When the controllers of the contest see the impact a Europe wide boycott can produce, then they will change their minds.

  15. There’s plenty of online speculation about the current Russian winner, Dima Bilan, being bisexual. He’s apparently said he likes both boys and girls. He also likes to strip off for the cameras – photos available online if you look.

  16. I am amazed at the response to the e-mail sent by Eugene, as it sounds incredibly stilted and arrogant.

    May I also point out that the EBU is funded by its members, and the BBC is one of the major funders. The BBC has a proud reputation of encouraging diversity, and maybe they need to be made aware of the situation, as should the other major broadcaster in the EU

  17. It is very simple – Russia is a joke, and JUST DON’T GO TO RUSSIA! Let us also turn the TV off that night, so they don’t get money from advertisers.

  18. Hank – in answer to the question you posed to Martin… Sigmund Freud was the first Psychoanalyst to put forward that theory, but it seems that Prof. Henry H Adams actually put it to the test, with some interesting results…

    “Research by US psychologists suggests that 80 percent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings. This finding lends scientific support to the long-standing speculation that those who shout the loudest against homosexuality have something to hide.

    The research results were published in the prestigious Journal of Abnormal Psychology, with the backing of the American Psychological Association.

    In tests conducted by Prof. Henry E Adams of the University of Georgia, homophobic men who said they were exclusively heterosexual were shown gay sex videos. Four out of five became sexually aroused by the homoerotic imagery, as recorded by a penile circumference measuring device – a plethysmograph.

    Prof. Adams says his research shows that most homophobes “demonstrate significant sexual arousal to homosexual erotic stimuli”, suggesting that homophobia is a form of “latent homosexuality where persons are either unaware of or deny their homosexual urges”.”

    This was taken from Peter Tatchells blog, but it shouldn’t be hard to cooberate.

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