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Italian TV channel attacked for showing cut version of Brokeback Mountain

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick Dublin, Ireland 10 Dec 2008, 6:15pm

    Not all that surprising. Italy lags well behind practically every other Western European country in terms of gay rights – and women’s and minority rights in general. In fact, Italy lags behind many Eastern European countries on social issues as well…why? Two resaons – A pervasive and immature sexist machismo and The Vatican. The vatican has Italy and its body politic in a vice like grip that seems to be tightening – dictating their social agenda directly through the highly corrupt Berlusconi government.

    Second, Italy is deeply a sexist and macho culture – just look at all the scantily clad (or non clad) airbrushed women objectified in Italian media as sex objects…so it’s not hard to see why this censorship was put in place – double standards and all that.
    The EU seriously needs to consider imposing sanctions on Italy for being so deeply backward on social and minoroty rights issues. Italy needs to be shamed into catching up with the rest of Europe and enter the 21st century.

  2. totally agree. I am half italian half british, and italy sucks about this kind of crap. It’s mainly Betty the sixteenth tramp living in S Peters Square in Rome with hER Repressed Homosexuality transformed in 100% pure homophobia. She deserves to be smacked on sundays during the Santa Messa. And with all those gay priests surrounding her… it wont be that difficult finding a SM-Holy-Partner. Betty sei una zoccola DICHIARATI!! :) Cheers

  3. L.W.-United States 11 Dec 2008, 4:33pm

    It sounds like Italy is even more socially backward than my country, which has far too many religious zealots trying to impose their narrow beliefs on all Americans.

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