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US Supreme Court decides Obama is not British and can become President

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  1. If the President Elect would enthusiastically at once signal Hawaii and produce in a Presidential tone a legitimate,transparent public disclosure of the documents in question to be viewed, touched, handled and examined by all of those interested, I would not be writing this right now, neither would there be any lawsuits, and the right and the left would not be squabbling at each other.
    I have been a Christian for thirty years. The God whom I serve, Jesus Christ, is The One who never deals with the symptom of a situation, He always goes right straight to the root. The birth certificate deal, natural born or not, born in Kenya or born in the USA, are simply symptoms. The root is that which is cloaked in the mysterious darkness of something hidden. What triggers our President elect to have 20 lawsuits at the cost of one million dollars served upon himself in order to evade and conceal, instead of producing a 10.00 dollar document that would squelch all lawsuits once and forever more, silence the blogosphere, and stop the bickering amongst right wing nuts and liberal kooks. Is he knowingly running for, and assuming an office, in the which he is not eligible? This is the definition of an usurper. If he is totally innocent and pure he should enthusiastically summon for his documentation at once and put all dissenting voices such as mine to rest. I would certainly welcome it.
    No one can convince me that in an era of extreme documentation, several web site images of a Hawaii document and a group of individuals posting jpeg photos of a certification of live birth is sufficient proof for the eligibility to the presidency of this great nation! If I was to need a driver’s license and needed my birth certificate, I could not guide the officials to a web site to look at the image of my birth certificate, as valid proof? Could you, or would you?
    Mute silence has been the case now since August 21. A leader, rather, has the duty to boldly, wholeheartedly, openly, transparently, and forthrightly display the needed documentation to the public whom he will serve, in order to gain its trust in the integrity of his leadership. This type of ongoing chronic silence begins to have the smell of fraud.
    This is not a right wing nut issue, neither is it left wing conspiracy kooks. Whom ever you are…tell me in all seriousness…in your heart of hearts… and in your gut of guts. Doesn’t something about all of this really bother you? If not for you, then for the sake of your children. Does the specter of someone who knowingly is ineligible to run for this office becomes president, or an usurper takes rein of our government disturb you? I am not calling the President Elect these things, but every day that passes with an ever intensifying crescendo of an American outcry for proof of eligibility, met feebly with cowardly evasion and a deafening silence from the President elect, while others lamely defend, speak out, and cover for him, exacerbates my suspicions. Does it not do it for you? Or don’t we care anymore? Are we like a herd of blind cattle flinging ourselves down the precipice, ipods, itouchs, iphones, itunes, and I don’t care in our hands, stubbornly covering our ears to the truth.
    Though I disagree in many ways with the President elects views and convictions, I will be the first one to uphold his office if he leads me wholeheartedly, openly, transparently, and forthrightly.
    As Ronald Regan bravely told President Gorbachev of the Soviet Union concerning the Berlin wall, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.
    I say on behalf of all Americans “Mr. Obama produce your 10.00 dollar long vault birth certificate!”

    John 3:19 And this is the test by which men are judged—the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness more than they loved the Light, because their deeds were wicked.
    20 For every wrongdoer hates the light, and does not come to the light, for fear his actions should be exposed and condemned.
    21 But he who does what is honest and right comes to the light, in order that his actions may be plainly shown to have been done in God.

  2. Tony Lambert 9 Dec 2008, 1:20pm

    Cheers for that JEA, no idea what you’re on about. And who cares.

    This site has more religious quotes than a friggin bible, one would think all us queers are religious nuts.

    Go. Away. With. The. Relegion. Crap. PLEASE.

  3. JEA- What has religious quotes got to do with this?
    Tony- Well said! As a transperson, religion has certainly made me an outcast.
    The American people voted for their choice of president, not “God” or “Jesus” or “The Bible”.

  4. JEA – Considering George W Bush got elected in 2000 by what was a seriously dubious rigged ballot where all attempts at recounts were suppressed, I hardly think the exact constitutional standing of Obama’s heritage is much of an issue. The majority of voters didn’t care and the fact his Dad is Kenyan is no big secret.
    As for what God has to do with any of this, I might as well ask the tooth fairy to pick a head of state. Religious people got to vote just like everyone else, and the outcome wasn’t what you’d hoped for that’s just your tough luck.
    We’ve had to endure decades of fundamentalist claptrap Whitehouse policies, it’s high time US politics dealt with tangeable reality, and not some heresay commandment from an unelected and unproven divine authority.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Dec 2008, 3:01pm

    JEA, FYI….the Hawaiian department of vital records actually produced an original birth certificate for Obama and it was published in almost every newspaper and online. Why would they lie and face prosecution for faking such a document knowingly that they’d face prosection resulting in jail time? Further, why didn’t your bunch go after John McCain who was born in Panama, not even U.S. territory, unlike Obama. The U.S. immigration system confers automatic citizenship on anyone born to an American parents, no matter where that person is born. Only one of the two parents needs to be American for that to happen. The U.S. is the only western country I know of that doesn’t allow foreign born citizens to become president which is an absurdity. It also demonstrates that naturalised Americans are not full Americans by denying them that right. So much for democracy and the notion that in America all are equal. Its nothing but hypocrisy.

  6. HMTKSteve 9 Dec 2008, 3:21pm

    Rob, you might want to look up the relveant laws.

    1. Hawaii has not released his birth certificate only a certification of live brith. Big difference.

    2. Suits were filed in regards to McCain as well. McCain released his original birth certificate.

    3. The laws at the time of Obama’s birth are not the same as they are now. No one denies that Obama is an American citizen. What is being contested is that because Obama was born with dual-citizenship he can not be considered to be natural-born because he was born with dual allegiances. Only somone born of two American citizens can be a natural born citizen.

  7. Fun Fun Fun Til Uncle Sammy takes the BC Away 10 Dec 2008, 12:07am

    The legal mumbo-jumbo that explains “natural born citizen” can be found at this link. The Donofrio case challenged McCain (born in Panama), Obama (born with U.K and U.S. citizenship, and probably in Hawaii despite some people claiming doubts) and Calero (still a Nicaraguan citizen, but on the Presidential ballot). Obama had the dual citizenship even if he was born in Hawaii.

    Obama produced a short form abstract called a certification. Click to look.

    This shows what a long-form REAL birth certificate would look like

    John McCain produced this birth certificate. It’s why the NY Times and some law scholars said he wasn’t eligible.

    The State Dept. won’t issue a passport for an abstracted short-form certification. People running around saying that they’ve seen the real McCoy on the Internet are naive. Obama has traveled on diplomatic passports since he was elected, but people say he must have used Indonesian passports before then. FOIA requests haven’t located any American passports for him as a youth. The almost President-elect (after the 15th) is a Man of Mystery indeed

  8. from

    The truth is that the Supreme Court did NOT “deny cert” to Leo Donofrio yesterday. The truth is the Supreme Court did NOT “turn down” Donofrio’s case yesterday. The truth is that Leo Donofrio’s case is still “PENDING” at the Supreme Court, and the court only denied the application to stay an election.

    …the election that Donofrio had been trying to stay was the November 4th election (he hurriedly filed his case on November 3rd to do so).

    So, it is logical that the court would, on December 8th, deny an application to stay an election that already happened on November 4th.

    Donofrio’s case is still PENDING.

    MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2008

    The application for stay addressed to Justice Thomas and referred to the Court is denied.

    [Note the ABSENCE of Donofrio’s case here]

    Donofrio’s case is NOT listed under CERTIORARI DENIED.

    Everyone should take another look at the order list from the SCOTUS yesterday.

    Not only was Donofrio’s case NOT denied certiorari, but a third case (Cort Wrotnowski vs. Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Secretary of State) was referred to the Court by Justice Scalia – distributed for conference this coming Friday:

    Dec 8 2008 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 12, 2008.
    Dec 8 2008 Application (08A469) referred to the Court by Justice Scalia.

    It sounds like Donofrio may have called this correctly earlier today:

    On the chance that SCOTUS was looking at both my case and Cort’s case, I must stress that Cort’s case does not have the same procedural hang up that mine does. It may be that without a decision on the Judicial misconduct allegation correcting the NJ Appellate Division case file, SCOTUS might have been in the position of not being able to hear my case as it would appear that my case was not before them on the proper procedural grounds.

    I did file a direct appeal under the proper NJ Court rules, but the lower Court judge refused to acknowledge that and if his fraudulent docketing was used by SCOTUS they would have a solid procedural basis to throw mine out.

    Friday could turn out to be a very, very big news day.

  9. Who cares… this is the most boring non-story ever, and yet some of you seem to want to write novels on the subject. Obama is president elect, this stuff isn’t even news outside a cheap christian “news” rags.

    And the religious stuff, I’m with Tony… what’s the need to quote “scripture” on a gay site about? Seriously, on what level did you think that the religious quotes are even relevant to any of us, and secondly, what makes you think we care?

  10. the religious and right wings of the US will try anything to put this nigger back in his place!

    When they weren’t calling him the anti-Christ, they labelled him an abotionist and terrorist. Some speak openly about assassination, though not advocating it of course.

    They’re sore losers, not willing to see power pass from them and into the hands of a man and party who will drag the US a little in line with other western secular nations.

  11. PS
    I used the “n” word ironically – a lot of the flac Obama’s getting is because he’s black

  12. JEA – Your entire post was pointless. As for all this other stuff it’s not really gay news worthy. However, just to clarify, a few things. Born on U.S. soil pretty much makes you a citizen of the U.S. Also a certificate of live birth is a birth certificate. I am looking at mine! Sign, sealed, and delivered by the state of California. It’s what I used to get my passport. So people now let’s just move on to some real gay news.

  13. a UK citizen born in UK, with Welsh born grandmother, Scottish born grandfather, English born dad & Irish born mum OMG !!!! what am I ????????? a mongrel obvioulsy like 99% of Americans. Sorry folks, but I am so amused by this debate, as, from where i sit, the only “natural born” Americans are the native Indians of your continent.

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