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Gays protest outside the Vatican in support of UN declaration

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  1. Peter Piper 9 Dec 2008, 6:43pm

    It will take more than a demo to shift the old men at the top of the Vatican. Charity as a virtue is unknown to them, they spent years demonising Jews. That is now unacceptable, so they have to find an alternative- gays they think are a good target. It is an odd thing that Christians seem to want some group or other as a hate object. The Vatican is putting up barriers in all directions this fortress mentality is a far cry from the days of Pope John XXIII who opeend windows and wanted to engage with the secular world.

  2. Join now the Facebook Cause “Support decriminalisation of homosexuality at UN!”. This cause has been launched shortly after Vatican statement opposing any act from UN which promotes end of discrimination of LGBT people. After only 6 days we got over 21.000 contacts. Please spread the word. We’re trying to reach 50.000 for the 15th of December, when the french government will make on behalf of all EU countries for decriminalisation of homosexuality during the next UN General Assembly.

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