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Human rights group criticises Jamaica’s homophobic violence

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Reader comments

  1. Har Davids 8 Dec 2008, 9:05pm

    Just the thought that someone is a homosexual ‘justifies’ that person’s murder, if this is normal on Jamaica nobody’s safe. Witch-hunts come to mind, anyone with a grudge against someone else is free to call that person a homosexual, the mob will do the dirty work. No matter whether your’re straight or gay, but this attitude is really sick.

    I don’t suppose I’ll ever visit Jamaica.

  2. K. Mitchell 9 Dec 2008, 4:39am

    I am a Jamaican, living in Jamaica. The situation is sad, and the incidences of violence and discrimination against GLBT persons by the wider society is a direct indictment on the government. It is true that any politician or administration that attempts to push legislation advocating for gay rights would be committing political suicide. The fact is that to the ordinary Jamaican, the concept of Jamaica and gay rights is antithetical. Jamaica needs a hero/heroine who is willing to fight to get legislation protecting the rights of GLBT Jamaicans on the table. That’s the most that will happen at this time, unfortunately, because the passing of those legislative measures will be largely left up to those who would rather die than see such legislation come to fruition. In the meantime, Jamaica will continue to experience a brain drain associated with its blind, parochial religiosity; since many of those who leave are those who perhaps have the most (or at the very least, a great deal) to contribute to the society. The government needs to wise up.

  3. I’ve visited Jamaica and it’s, generally, a pretty awful place–either in the depths of poverty (Kingston) or overdeveloped for outside tourism (Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, et al) and reflecting little or no “Caribbean charm”. I’ve always associated the place with ignorance and homophobia (the former “straight couples only” Sandals resort comes to mind).

  4. john wilfred sharp 10 Dec 2008, 2:52am

    sad but true , even the so called cool Rastafarian reggae movement is homophobic . we should block all aid till they open their hearts and mind and see there are LGBT people and we are here to stay.

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