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Gay comedian apologises for Shannon Matthews gag

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  1. S Beecroft 8 Dec 2008, 3:08pm

    I am surprised that Alan Carr remarked in that manner. He is not usually like that and in light of Ross and Rand situation I would have thought that all comedians were watching what they said.

  2. I am an American so I don’t even know who this guy is, but shame on him. That poor child went through a horrible experience. Also why would a woman who would do that to her own child be an icon to anyone?

  3. “Gay icon”? Unless this is mis-quoted – this is very offensive.

  4. Plain truth, it wasn’t funny. Comedians are meant to be offensive, to push the boundary’s. Take a look at Mock the Week sometime.

  5. Oh get over it, for Gods sake! Hes a comedian – thats what they do. Its a bad taste joke but nothin worse than what youll hear up and down the country in pubs. Wish we werent all so hypocritical and overly sensitive. And I am not justifying his comments at all – they were wrong but were getting into some kind of Nazi state here. Who amongst us doesnt say stupid things. None of us is perfect.

  6. …Is it right that I was more outraged by the Widdecombe quote? It makes my skin crawl every time I see it.

  7. Flippin’ Html
    <a href=”” Oh get over it, it’s only a joke

  8. Hmmm. Although his own style can be quite aggressive and peppered with swear words, I still think media journalist and satirist Charlie Brooker makes several valid points here about this kind of media storm – though if you were offended by Alan Carr, chances are you won’t get to the end of this diatribe either! This was his take on the Ross and Brand debacle, though as he points out, the implications are much wider than that…

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