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Office for National Statistics will start to ask sexuality question in surveys

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Reader comments

  1. theotherhalf 7 Dec 2008, 6:03pm

    I don’t want this government knowing who I f*ck.

    Did you hear the one about the Arts Grant forms that asked the sexuality of the people involved in the project? What the heck has sexuality got to do with getting an Arts Grant?

    Information gathering and nothing else, obsessive information gathering that flies in the face recent rulings in the European Court of Human Rights.

  2. Given that we live in a country where the government regularly loses data, arrests MPs without a warrant, and that we live – for all our freedoms – alongside fundamentalists and far-right organizations, this is crazy. What a field day it would be for insurance companies who would like to wipe all those they see as ‘high risk’ clients from their books. Where’s Peter Tatchell and all those other fighters for civil liberties when you need them?
    As for the argument that ‘the vast majority of people’ are happy to give this information, the vast majority, need we remind you, are straight, so of course they don’t mind. It’s the minorities who have something to lose. Imagine saying in Germany in the 1930s that the ‘vast majority’ didn’t mind saying whether they were Jewish.

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