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Draft 2011 Census does not include sexuality question

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Reader comments

  1. I really hope it is not included. If I am still living at home when the consensus comes along it’s going to be very awkward, as my mum knows about me but we never discuss my sexuality as she doesn’t ‘agree’. I bet many people are in the same position. I urge the government to never include it.

  2. I understand your predicament, Luke, and that of others in your position, but it is important the question is included in the census. We do make up the population of the country as much as everyone else, and we should be counted! The problem is that it won’t pick up those who are not ‘out’ to the person that is filling it in (or those that are in denial like your mother).

    There needs to be a better way to collect these statistics. Surely in this day and age they could work out a system to make submission of census data available online… Then everyone would be able to privately submit their own information.

  3. I feel so sorry for the young gay kids of today. They get zero safe sex/HIV information in the schools, and then gay youngsters are let down again, this time by the HIV agencies funded to protect them, and the gay press who promote a meaningless and cheap association around gay sex in the magazines and free handouts. Now they have the scourge of stores like Prowler, who have made barebacking videos acceptable, to navigate. No wonder more and more young gays today are catching HIV. Surely the HIV agencies, the gay press, EVERYONE should be working together to ensure that the most vulnerable and naive members of our community are properly educated about safe sex and made aware about the risks involved in contracting HIV? Gay teens today have no idea of the perils and pitfalls of HIV due to our indifference in allowing HIV to be regarded as a normal, treatable condition, like diabetes. We are betraying an entire generation of gay men.
    bi/gay/lesbian community

  4. The problem is the census is targeted at households, not individuals. That factor need to be addressed so that people can answer in anonymity and without prejudice.

    That said, the fact that Luke’s mother cannot come to terms with his homosexuality is neither here nor there. Answer the question on the paper.

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