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Boy George convicted of false imprisonment

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Reader comments

  1. Does he get to wear the handcuffs this time then? I’m not sure being stuck in a prison with a bunch of sex starved inmates constitutes punishment in this context… I suspect he may actually enjoy it ;)

  2. I read in The Times that George argued in court that Carlsen’s bruises could be due to him being HIV+ and not being beaten by the chain.

    He just lost whatever ounce of respect I had for him, using Carlsen’s HIV status to try to explain away physical harm…

    Let’s hope he gets a few years …. premeditated false imprisonment and assault, and not entering a guilty plea at the beginning…. doesn’t look good

  3. Joe Johnston 5 Dec 2008, 7:07pm

    Once again this opinionated ‘celebrity’ blackens the name and reputation of someone else to escape the consequences of his own personality defects. I hope he gets a long sentence.

  4. theotherhalf 7 Dec 2008, 7:37pm

    you’re flippant and disgusting comments are an insult to anyone who has ever suffered at the hands of a sexual predator like ‘boy george.’

    As Diamanda Gallis said (I may not get it 1005 correct) ‘I don’t care who you are or what you suffered, you need tied to a tree and tortured.’ Lock him up for a long time.

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