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Australia and US not signed up to UN decriminalisation declaration

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Reader comments

  1. America not signing is no surprise, atleast while Bush is nominally still in charge but Australia??? I’m beginning to rethink my opinions on that country. I love Sydney , and have fantastic Aussie mates here in London but what is with their government, especially now Howard is gone? If the UK/Canada/N.Zealand/Ireland have all signed, why on earth would Australia, hold out?? It doesn’t make any sense to me..

  2. I have written to the South African government to ask them why they have not signed the declaration. I am sick and tired of the current government’s hypocrisy on GLBT rights, women’s rights, racial equality and human rights in Africa vs. human rights elsewhere in the world.

  3. Just relax mate, Australia will sign there is no doubt about that!!

  4. john wilfred sharp 6 Dec 2008, 2:03am

    it is a fight between religious bigotry and freedom .
    America is still religious and backward in thinking
    Australia the politics are conservative not the base
    Africa is homophobic and sexist
    Islam is homophobic and sexist and murderous for gays and adulterers ( no sex out of marriage allowed )
    religious should be brought to trial for lies and teaching hateful dogma.
    all religions should pay full taxes on all their activities and property.

  5. “This stupid country!” -Mayor Diamond Joe Quimby

  6. australia has signed !!!!

  7. Lincoln - Australia 23 Dec 2008, 7:34pm

    Andy, it makes a lot of sense. Australia is a misoginist based culture and heterosexaul males have centre stage.

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