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South African journalist to face equality court over homophobic article

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Reader comments

  1. Cobus Fourie 4 Dec 2008, 8:30pm

    Finally justice, or at least the prospect of it, it is way overdue, enough we had of homophobia, homo-prejudice and heterosexism, this case should create the precedent that such vile smut will not be allowed in South Africa

  2. Unfortunately, when the case went to the press ombud, it was ruled that there was no hate speech. The article on this site does not even mention everything Qwelane said. So much for the protection we are supposedly afforded in South Africa by the constitution, which actually discriminates against us when it comes to hate speech. The company Media24 and its subsidiaries never took a stand to say they were horrified at what was published and that they support GLBT rights. Instead, they chose to treat the community with contempt. Stores like Pick ‘n Pay and CNA continued to unapologetically stock their publications even though Media refused to acknowledge how truly evil it is what they encouraged (they allowed hate speech against GLBT people all the time). The publication’s editor was never dismissed for supporting the hate speech. Media24 clearly does not care about the basic human rights of GLBT people. What could one expect though from a country where most people would reverse most rights for GLBT people in an instant and where the African Democratic Christian Party does not condemn the rape of lesbians to make them “real” women.

  3. I’ve read some of Qwelane’s other articles and he is a NASTY, Ignorant piece of work. A completely unreconstructucted RACIST,yes he’s black but as Mugabe has shown, in “modern day” africa they seem to be some of the worst racists, the one’s that are willing to destroy their entire nations, in order to make a point about black supremacy. A vile human being, i just read a piece by him in which he said he would rather die than accept a blood transfusion from a white south african. “the only blood i will accept must be donated strictly by black people” HIs racism isn’t challenged either. He refers to less bigotted blacks as “coconuts”! no wonder he hates homosexuals too.a sad twisted bitter individual!

  4. Mirjam Bader 8 Dec 2008, 10:50am

    It is sad to see that the South African Human Rights Commission is no better than the Equality Commission for NI: perfectly prepared to do not what so ever while a prominent figure spouts their homophobic hatred.

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