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Homophobic preacher stands by Leviticus quote in banned advert

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Reader comments

  1. All I can say is if he’s going to adamantly stand for that one line in Leviticus he better not be consuming shellfish or pork.

  2. … or trimming your beard, planting wheat and barley in the same furrow, cursing your parents, wearing clothes of mixed fibres or masturbating – as this little song makes passing reference to-

  3. Thank goodness at last these agencies are fullfilling their mandate and standing up to this religious bigotry, however, it is wrapped up and by whatever religious organisations. They have no rights to preach hate and bigotry no matter what their “holy books” say. Good on the ASA.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Dec 2008, 6:04pm

    The old testament also permits the killing of one’s wife on grounds of adultery as well as one’s children. Obviously they must believe in that nonsense too, many of them conveniently dismiss everything that pertains to them but insist on that one reference in Leviticus with impunity. Its quite clear what this is all about. I’ve posted this before but all you need do is go to………..which will give you all the biblical references that none of these bigots adhere to, let alone live by.

  5. this will splash back to their faces – like a clock –

  6. Say what…? You’re being a bit cryptic with your metaphors today Zazou! You don’t have a poetry book coming out any time soon we should know about, do you?

  7. Reverand McIlveen backed by Dr Ian Paisley are furious over this ruling and are planning a legal challenge according to our local news bulletin the other day. I have it on good authority that their pathetic stunt of an advertisement cost them over £20,000. Would it not have been more christian of them to donate all of this money to a worthy charity instead of mindlessly harassing the LGBT community of Northern Ireland?

  8. Cafeteria religion…..
    Pick and choose the bits you like, whilst ignoring those you don’t.

  9. john wilfred sharp 6 Dec 2008, 2:18am

    ban hate related religions book.bring the religions to court .
    for advocating hate misogyny and homophobia
    tax all religious activities and property
    i will see the end of structured religions .
    we need to squeeze they cash to stop their power
    religions are lies there is no gods.
    lies are hardly a solid base to teach others what they should or should not do .

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