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Gay humanists condemn Vatican’s stance on universal decriminalisation

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps the Vatican could ask the United Nations to revoke the charter on human rights. After all, they would not want to force other countries to stop torture, beating women, stoning children to death, committing acts of genocide, killing mentally retarded people, denying people a livelihood because they have the “wrong” colour skin and other such acts that silly people have struggled for over thousands of years.

  2. Well, that’s par for the course. They are not that keen on women’s rights either or left wing governments for that matter. (Ever on the side of the right wing conservatives and fascists.) It’s about time the Vatican was taken down a peg or two. We could do with a 21st century “Martin Luther”

  3. There goes the Roman Empire continuing to force their sexual obsessions on societies that need to end the oppression of their people!

  4. You’re totally right, Eugene. How can anyone in their right mind be against ending discrimination? I think I’ve answered my own question there… And the Churches of the world wonder why attendance is falling? Yes, that’s right – let’s all pick on minorities and turn our backs when they’re being victimised or killed. If that isn’t evil, I don’t know what is.

  5. AreadiWernicke 5 Dec 2008, 5:05pm

    I’M Italian. Fortunately, tomorrow it will be a protest in vatican’s square in Rome(I suggest you to follow it by newspaper). Italian’s blogs are splitted that’s incredible, cause for me is so evident the True. This is the real face of church. Shame on them.


  6. Hung Tran 6 Dec 2008, 9:07am

    The real great job doing by Vatcan is louding voice against gay to cover up the sin of their thousands and thousands paedophile priests all over the world.

  7. Vo Dong Cung 7 Dec 2008, 6:47am

    If the world don’t stop and go back to separate religeous and states, Vatican will be a drop of oil on the piece of paper, will take over politic and than army as shown in history.

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