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Catholic adoption agency tells Cardinal that Jesus taught love without prejudice

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2008, 4:41pm

    Good riddance. The adoption agency will be able to perform in a much more professional manner without his twisted, bigotted influence

  2. Ditto. I may also add that I know many progressive Catholics who reject moral theology based on bizarrely contradictory medieval teachings (in this case, Thomas Aquinas taught that we were morally superior to animals in every way but ought to imitate their sexual behaviour which, with startling inaccuracy, he saw as not including homosexuality). Many Catholics seem hampered today by repressive and irrational prelates, rather as nice ordinary ones in 16th century England were turned into de facto traitors overnight by Pius V calling upon them to overthrow Elizabeth I. With shepherds like that, the sheep are much safer blundering into their own potholes…..

  3. It is so easy – same rights for all !!!
    I still do not understand how these religious figures teach love while resigning because they can not “love”/accept a certain type of human beeing – their teaching is racist but of course they were there to discrimise against color and gender not long agao !!!
    Religion is dangerous

  4. Bravo! If the Roman Empire plans to serve as a civil entity, it should be required to uphold civil law. This Cardinal disagrees with civil law, and thus should leave civil service!

  5. Interesting, you can say what you like in these columns as long as you dont attack the left-wing, biased editorial that comes up with this non-news in the first place. Yes, Tony Grew, I mean you.
    Keep hunting through the trash cans for scraps that have vaguely gay connotations and then add your own socialist spin on it.
    You are the lowest of the low. Go ahead and ban me, and I shall post this on every page on your site.

  6. At last someone has had the sense and understanding to consider how Christ would have dealt with it, and understood that HE was for the love of all. The more people that take this simple but so necessary tenent to heart and challenge the bigots, the better…

  7. Rob – you are entitled to your views of course. But I cannot for the life of me see how you come to the conclusion that an article about a major shift in position of an agency relating to their stance on adoption by gay parents can be said to be ‘non news’ !

  8. It’s good that individual Catholics stand up to the hierarchy’s self-abrogated monopoly on interpreting in their own dogma-chained and blindly bigoted ways the wonderful teachings of Jesus. Bravo, Ms McEvoy, congratulations from a devout Christian who just happens to be lesbian.

  9. Of course Catholics believe in unconditional love as taught by Christ and this underpins all the work the church does. The church (that is Christs followers) believe that all predjudice is wrong. The Church also witnesses to the danger to a persons mortal soul from disordered sexual behaviour. No contradiction, no hate, only truth and love. Interestingly all the ‘rights’ that people use as weopons against the Church have their roots in Christian morality. Rather than diss thinkers like Aqinas it is much more rewarding in terms of self development to understand how we got to our current state. The danger in cutting off the past, or re-inventing and controlling it for our current purposes can easily be seen in nazi, communist, socialist and feminist destructive politics of the last century.

  10. It is not wise nor just to subject vulnerable innocent children to an environment in which the adults upon whom they depend are morally confused or obstinately persist in immoral behavior.

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