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Tories “broadly welcome” Equality Bill but want more detail

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Reader comments

  1. theotherhalf 4 Dec 2008, 7:54pm

    the government support queer rites? when they want tax breaks for heterosexuals?

    don’t make me laugh.

  2. The Conservatives support tax breaks for married couples and civil partnerships.

  3. Interesting, you can say what you like in these columns as long as you dont attack the left-wing, biased editorial that comes up with this non-news in the first place. Yes, Tony Grew, I mean you.
    Keep hunting through the trash cans for scraps that have vaguely gay connotations and then add your own socialist spin on it.
    You are the lowest of the low. Go ahead and ban me, and I shall post this on every page on your site.

  4. theotherhalf 7 Dec 2008, 5:59pm

    you no like this guy then dgse? I take it you, like me, disliked the comments on how stupid Labour voters would return anyone who labour selected? Or what about the countless ‘Labour will win the next election’ stories? Or what about the ‘Labour love Queers’ stories? What about the anti-Tory dross on this site?

    Frankly it makes me sick.

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