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Police investigation into Iris Robinson’s homophobic comments is “active”

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Reader comments

  1. She said what she said on air and in print with no censorship. She also is on the record (hansard) in parliment. How long do the police need to investigate???? This should have been a gift of a case – proverbial open and shut. What is really going on?

  2. i agree with you j.d the case should be over and done with its quite clear what she said while some of it is in the bible but the bit were people should feel sick towards homosexuals is not in the bible nor was her other coments the psni are worried it seems about chareing her a have a few ideas as to why but im keeping them to my self and
    as for the D.U.P saying they are all for equal rights funny that as if you look at there voteing record they voted srtongly against gay marrige and gay addoption in fact they voted against all gay rights

  3. I agree, this is a very straightforward PSNI investigation that should have been concluded by now. How can this bitch and her husband be all for equality in Northern Ireland with such an outdated and discriminatory view of gay people ?

  4. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2008, 9:49am

    The trouble is that the PSNI cannot be trusted in this instance. There are a large number of christian extremists in the police force who will think that gay people are unworthy of protection. The best hope that the gay community in Northern Ireland has to get Robinson punished for her hate crimes is to keep the pressure on the police and to let them know that their failures to protect the gay community is being noticed. Write to them them to question why it has taken them 6 months to achieve nothing in this case. They can be reached at on behalf of

  5. David hoult 4 Dec 2008, 2:09pm

    They will not press charges. While she fully deserves punishment its not going to be worth possibly upsetting the fragile peace in northern ireland over… Incase people dont know (as it hasnt been reported on this website) sinn fein have called for her dissmissal

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