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Belfast Free Presbyterian church rapped over homophobic advert

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Reader comments

  1. “a form of sexuality that generations of men and women have righteously resisted and by gods grace will continue to resist.”

    Sounds to me like someone’s really tempted…

  2. Simon Murphy 3 Dec 2008, 4:48pm

    Iris Robinson (who openly expresses the view that homosexuality is worse than paedophilian is a member of this church). It is good news that the ASA found in favour of the complainants. Gay people in Northern Ireland are more vulnerable to attack than any other place in the UK or Ireland thanks to the religious extremists living there. The police in Northern Ireland have proved themselves utterly useless in defending gay people. They have taken absolutely no action against Iris Robinson’s incitement to hatred against gay people 6 months ago (despite hundreds of complaints about her hate speech).

    It would be a very good idea to write to the polie to let them know that the gay community are aware that they are ignoring homophobic hate crimes.

    Write to them to ask why they are protecting vicious homophobes like Robinson. they can be reached at the following address: on behalf of

  3. Terry Floyd Johnson 3 Dec 2008, 5:33pm

    This sick hatred, and gay baiting; plus there holier than thou looking at sexual activity, shows how anal-retentive, these hate, salivating these hate freaks are.

    They do not have a church; they have a hate festing, meetings to blow their own filth to each other, so they can add to the filth of the world.

    This church is not a church; its corporate papers should be pulled, and not given back till they reorganize into a hate-fest organization; happy in wallowing in their hate, and their stupidity.

  4. Patrick Dublin, Ireland 3 Dec 2008, 7:06pm

    The Free Presbyterian church was started in the first place to direct bigotry and religious hatred toward Catholics, that’s why they broke away from the main Presbyterian congregation because they viewed the latter’s position as too “soft” on the RC church (not that I have time for the Vatican either, I hasten to add).

    This “church” are nothing more than a collection of bigoted, hate filled, monstrous homophobes who use their warped creed to justify their fanatical world view. I pity them more than anything.

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