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US gay group welcomes Obama’s attorney general nominee

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  1. David Badash 2 Dec 2008, 6:25pm

    Eric Holder is a good choice, considering his support of LGBT rights. But let’s remember that the goal is full equality, which means the goal is marriage, not just civil unions.

  2. David, surely this is fantastic news, for the first time a US president who is promising real change to the legal status of gay relationships in the US. This would have a massive influence on the lives of millions of gay men and women and their partners all over America……marriage is a word, a word which carries an emotional resonance for some people, and if that emotional resonance matters to you then i understand why you would want the word “marriage”, but that is not necessary to grant equal rights. “Barack Obama supports full civil unions that give same sex couples LEGAL RIGHTS AND PRIVILEDGES EQUAL TO THOSE OF MARRIED COUPLES” Surely the “EQUAL TO” bit guarantees equality. As we in Britain have full legal equality through Civil Partnerships… Your Goal maybe marriage, mine isn’t. Mine’s Equality, Fighting for the word “marriage” at this juncture will just provoke the religious right and it’s comservative allies unnecessarily.

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