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THT rejects Tatchell criticism and reveals work with blood service

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Reader comments

  1. tatchell is correct; i was stopped from giving blood because i am gay, yet the nbts desperately wanted my blood as i am hepB immune – that was 25 years ago and it is time the policy was updated

  2. So Lisa, do you only ban Moslem gay men or Jews as well? And black jewish gay men? Between an age group? From France or Italy? Blonde, are you Lisa?

  3. Well, following Lisa Power’s logic, people of Afro-Caribbean ancestry and those who have sexual relationships with them should also be banned from donating blood since they are a group of people who are at more overall risk of HIV transmission than others. Is she going to mention this to the NBS ???

  4. Simon Murphy 3 Dec 2008, 10:21am

    The THT are embarrassing themselves by trying to pretend the gay blood ban is not homophobic. Despite the fact that people from sub-Saharan Africa are MORE likely to be HIV+ than gay men there is no blanket ban on either people from sub-Saharan Africa or anyone who has ever had sex with someone from sub-Saharan Africa. If the THT truly believed that the gay blood ban is justified because of the increased risk of HIV in certain groups then it would be demanding a ban on blood donation from sub-Saharan Africa. Were they to do that they would be accused of racism. As it is the THT are colluding with homophobia. And they should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. HIV is an illness not a career! Lisa power has made a 15 year career out of HIV. Miss powers earns in excess of £150000 a year. On the other hand peter thatchel is one of the few gay activists in Europe who stands up to people like lisa and the THT. Lisa be careful people respect Peter, and have little respect for you and your HIV career. People in our community can not be fooled by your money grabbing lifestyle lisa. Is it not time this women moved on? 15 years in any job can not me good in the long run for both you lisa and the community you are suppose to represent!

  6. Andrew Reynolds 3 Dec 2008, 5:24pm

    Whatever THT would like to believe it is doing – it has in essence achieved very little. Leaving the ban aside, the NBS continues to bracket gay men in the same inelligible categories as intra-venous drug users and prostitutes. Can anyone explain why such insensitivity is necessary?

  7. Groan. This one again. Before people condemn the NBS’s policy as homophobic they should take a closer look at the epidemiological evidence. Whether we like it or not, gay men have the highest prevalence of HIV in this country and the NBS policy is there because of this. And it’s not just HIV, gay men have higher prevalences than a number of other blood-borne infections, all of which are a bar to giving blood.
    The fact is that HIV infections have occured (in the US) because people were not completely truthful with blood service staff about their risk activities, and even with the most advanced testing technolgies currently available there is still a tiny risk of HIV or hepatitis infected blood entering the blood supply.
    There are many other battles for us to fight.
    The RBS isn’t being homophobic in its current policies any more than its being anti-tattoo or anti-travel to areas with certain endemic diseases.

  8. Paul Halsall 30 Jul 2009, 4:38pm

    I disagree with Lisa Power on this issue, but some of the attacks above are a disgrace. Lisa Power, even when I came out 27 years ago, was already working for lesbian and gay rights.

    It is an absolute scandal that people who post virtually anonymously just attack her in the terms above.

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