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Peter Tatchell attacks Terrence Higgins Trust over gay blood ban

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 2 Dec 2008, 4:34pm

    I agree with Tatchell that this ban is motivated by homophobia. Especially in light of the fact that people from sub-Saharan Africa are MORE likely to be HIV positive than gay men in Britain. There is no blood ban on sub Saharan Africans or anyone who has ever had sex with a sub Saharan African. Therefore their claims that the gay blood ban is necessary is utterly meaningless.

  2. “NBS: The reason for this exclusion rests on specific sexual behaviour rather than the sexuality of the person wishing to donate. There is, therefore, no exclusion of gay men who have never had sex with a man, nor of women who have sex with women.”

    What specific sexual behaviour? It’s clear they are assuming all men who have sex with other men have risky sex. The same could be assumed about people who have sex with members of the Afri-Caribbean community. And it would also be a ridiculous assumption.

  3. THT was started by the friends of Terrance Higgins to offer a service to gay men in the absence of anything the straight world offered.

    It has become taken over by establishment people who have mainstreamed it, focussed more on straight women’s issues, and marginalised gay men’s issues.

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