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John Barrowman apologises after “exposing” himself on Radio 1

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Reader comments

  1. He’d never do anything to intentionally undermine the corporation?!? How big was it, and can it be used for that kind of excavation work? Now that’s what I call an impressive tool!

  2. hahahahah flapjack. I guess it was big enough for someone to see it through their radio, so I’m willing to bet it has its own postcode

  3. Simon Murphy 2 Dec 2008, 11:37am

    Wow – I can understand why he apologised. Being a flasher is horrible behaviour. Then again it’s hardly surprising from the man who when was on the documentary ‘The Making of me’ spoke in a thick Scottish accent when with his parents but at all other times spoke in his American accent. Bizarre.

  4. What a stupid load of tosh! How do you expose yourself on radio? and what sort of stupid moron complains, what ever next? molestation by mail..

    At least by his own admission he has some nuts, more than can be said for the BBC.

  5. you’re on form today flapjack….

  6. thanks Adrian-T – “Carry on” style double-entendres come thick and fast!

  7. I wish I had been there, I find John Barrowman a very sexy man indeed and would love to have seen his exposure !! But honestly it was on radio and not seen how ridiculous. Ian

  8. I realize that most of the people in my country are stupid prudes (the U.S.), but I thought more of the Brits. Who complains about something that may or may not have happened on the radio? I watch British TV and have seen a few willys in my time, but I have never seen one on the radio.

  9. If I can be serious for one second, I think the issue might be that some BBC radio stations have a webcam facility so you can watch the DJ as they broadcast. Not sure if radio 1 does but it wouldn’t surprise me. A bit of a pointless facility for a radio station, but on the other hand this was exactly what webcams were invented for, surely? ;)

  10. Peter Clifton 2 Dec 2008, 6:10pm

    I like Barrowman very much, but am I the only one who thinks his “get my willy out at every opportunity” attitude rather childish, tiresome behaviour

  11. Honistly, I don’t know what they’re all so suprised about. I man famous for esposing himself while braudcasting exposes himself while braudcasting and it’s all shock shock horror horror…

  12. This made front page news in the homophobic Daily Mail, How bloody ridiculous. What a trash paper!!

  13. I think the world is going mad. If the BBC are going to have to apologise for every situation that may or may not be offensive they’re going to be pretty busy!! I couldn’t be bothered complaining about something – if I didn’t like it I would just switch it off. Obviously the person who complained has no life and probably only complained because they didn’t see anything on the webcam!! Let’s get our sense of humour back!

  14. Ryan Haynes 3 Dec 2008, 8:01am

    Weird – it’s radio, you can say and do anything on radio for as long as it is does not cause libel, incitement to hatred, swear, offensive language. Plus it is radio one – if people complain it’s because they have an overactive imagination, and shows that the show is good.

    Apparently the web cam showed nothing but a blur! Where’s the real evidence?

    I agree, should the BBC – sorry, start again, SHOULD WE HAVE TO APOLOGISE FOR EVERYTHING? This country is really going to the…

  15. Naughty John! I hear he wouldn’t do it Elisabeth Sladen AKA Sarah Jane Smith because he considers her an “iconic” person. John just can’t help himself but its not ruined his popularity!

  16. Just a note for the person who criticised Barrowman for speaking to his parents in a Scots accent and to all others in an American accent: this is a linguistic reality. It is akin to a British bi-lingual child speaking Urdu to his parents from the Indian sub-continent but speaking English (with an English accent)to his mates at school. There are many more examples of this in Europe where there is greater fluency in a range of languages. Brits are notoriously linguistically deficient, rather like Americans: hence they find it difficult when confronted by bilingualism or its variants.

  17. Simon Murphy 4 Dec 2008, 12:29pm

    Eddy – are you being serious? Do you not see the difference between a bilingual child speaking in Urdu to his parents but English to his friends and John Barrowman who speaks in English to his parents and English to everyone else [but in totally different accents.]

  18. Where is the difference?
    John talks in an American accent to everyone else because it was a coping mechanism against bullying. Why complain about it? Does it offend you? No? Then stop being idiots.
    As for the flashing, I which I could have seen it and that is my only complaint. This is a stupid story, reaaaally stupid.
    Anything happens to John’s career and I’ll hold the Daily Mail responsible.

  19. I hear he’s just signed up for a bit part in another Hollywood movie – “Free Willy 4”.
    Sorry – couldn’t resist

  20. I think this article says more about the person who wrote it rather than Barrowman or the BBC.

  21. Robert, ex-pat Brit 6 Dec 2008, 7:23pm

    Hmmmm, for a cute, intelligent young man, what stupid, crass behaviour. What is the point, if any? Shock value?

  22. I think everyone’s rather on edge over at the BBC after the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand shtick. Unfortunately, even if John didn’t do anything explicitly against the broadcasting code (and was in fact asked to do so by the host–did he apologise?) he was still worried enough to apologise for this. It was really a stupid situation all ’round, and now we can assume it’s over. One thing I can say is that with the Brand situation, we can reasonably suppose this had nothing to do with Barrowman’s being gay–just mindless prudery!

    Additionally, I can confirm that he honestly does speak to his family in a Scottish accent and anyone else in an American one. I met him this summer while he was with his parents and when he talked to them, he had a thick (and remarkably dreamy) brogue; when he spoke to me (I’m American) he had Captain Jack’s accent. It’s because when he was a kid growing up in America he started speaking in an American accent to avoid bullying. And no–he didn’t expose himself to me; if he had I would not have been complaining!

  23. Bud Burgoon-Clark 23 Mar 2009, 8:13pm

    He claims it’s “twelve big candles” … would that be inches or centimeters?

  24. Pics or it never happened…

  25. Christopher in Canada 17 Nov 2012, 4:06am

    Man has penis!! Film at 11!!! The HORROR!!!

    What a f^%*#d-up species we are.

  26. Michael McCluney 23 Nov 2012, 1:41pm

    God! i’d LOVE t see his cock on webcam lol!! the mans a legend!

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