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Christian counsellor should have gay opt-out, employment tribunal told

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  1. if the guy is training. ie. learning / aquring professional psychosexual qualifications but picks and chooses what element of that professional training he thinks is worthy, then he should be denied the qualification. A psychosexual qualification will cover ground concerning gay people which does not include descrimination against it on the grounds of being a sin. It includes proper professional ways for anyone undertaking that training to handle such situations. Also the guy is choosing to interptret his own view of sin based on NOT deeming sex par -se as sin, even though many Chritians traditionally have done so, but specifically deciding that only gay sex is sinful. He’s really not got a leg to stand on and should choose another profession which doesn’t involve conflict with his narrow right wing views on life.

  2. “…but now that he is training to be a psychosexual therapist, he feels he cannot deal with gay and lesbian people as giving them sex therapy would be “encouraging sin.”

    Can anyone imagine a worse career for a zealot than as a psychosexual therapist. What would his therapy consist of, self flagellation and repeating the word “unclean”?
    There are certain professions that people can’t perform simply by the nature of their beliefs. You don’t get Muslim pork butchers, so why sexual councilling from a sexually squeamish Christian? It’s like Peter Sellers in “What’s New Pussycat” where he played a neurotic therapist who belonged on the couch himself. Except that was a comedy.

  3. these Xian bigots become more unbelievable by the minute, a gay opt-out for homophobes? what next a black opt-out for racists? a jewish opt-out for anti-semites? a female opt-out for misogynists? if you’re unable to deal with all kinds of people on an equal basis then obviously it is you that has the problem, not your employer..he should be the one to opt out by resigning and preferably going to live in a cave somewhere with his fellow religious lunatic Osama bin Laden perhaps…nutter

  4. Simon Murphy 2 Dec 2008, 1:33pm

    Drop these christian facists an email at to ask them if they support the ‘right’ of atheist counsellors to refuse to offer counselling to christians because of their deranged belief.

  5. Frankly I am SICK of these people who take jobs and then bitch about what they are required to do to fulfill the terms of their employment. Relate was counselling gays long before this guy joined the organisation so he should have done his homework properly before applying for the post. Perhaps he, and others like him, are really pseudo-religious terrorists – infiltrate and destroy from within???

    And while I’m on my soapbox, can I add another comment. We should NOT confuse the central message of Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other religion with the human organisations that misuse it for their own twisted ends, be it the Vatican, the Church of England, some mad fanatic hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. By all means feel free to criticise the human organisations but don’t make the mistake of thinking they are ideal examples of what their ‘religion’ is really all about.

  6. I wonder if Mr McFarlane’s piety ever prevented him from ‘promoting’ heterosexual sin?

    From a conservative Evangelical perspective, ANY pre-marital or extra-marital sexual activity is sin, plain & simple. This includes all adulterous relationships, as well as all unmarried couples and all remarried divorcees.

    Have Mr McFarlane’s religious principles EVER impelled him to refuse to counsel Relate’s sinful heterosexual clentele?

    I wonder…

  7. Too many religions to cater for – if all religious person can opt-out on any ground – we are back to square one
    Can I opt-out to cater for a Christian person due to my believes ??? (or because I can not stand them ???)
    Can a muslim refuse to cater for a chirstian = go and get that one in a tribunal !!!
    Everybody in the same bag !!

  8. Simon Murphy 2 Dec 2008, 4:08pm

    AndySam – you say “We should NOT confuse the central message of Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other religion with the human organisations that misuse it for their own twisted ends”

    I agree. But at the same time we should not give the central message of christianity, islam or judaism any more respect than we give the scientologists or the moonies. The followers of these beliefs should realise that their belief system should never be regarded as more special than the most obscure, bizarre beliefs.

    I choose not to base my life around a work of fiction. And I want full protection by the secular society to prevent people who belief in works of fiction from interfering with my rights.

  9. Question: Could a gay councilor refuse to minister to straight people?

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