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HIV charity questions government spending on international AIDS relief

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  1. I think the vast majority of Britons, gay and straight, would agree with Rob N’s common sense outlook, shame our politicians, many of whom also share this view – privately – are too scared of the minority activists who hold our whole society to ransome, to do their job and represent the views of the people they purport to serve. Only a few brave statesmen like Frank Field MP dare to stand up for what they and the majority of their constituents believe in. This leaves a very dangerous vacuum for the far right parties to gain momentum, as we have seen in recent elections when huge numbers of decent working class people turn to them in despair because they feel they are being ignored and belittled by the mainstream parties.

  2. Seems you can’t keep a good censor down, even when people agree with my statements. Thanks for pulling comment Tony. Bigots.

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