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November 2008

  • 24th November 2008

    Homophobic church advert criticised by advertising standards body 22

    A Free Presbyterian Church has been criticised by the ASA

    12:09 PM — An advert placed in a local paper in Northern Ireland by Sandown Free Presbyterian Church ahead of this summer's Pride event in Belfast breached the Advertising Standards Authority code.

  • World AIDS Day campaign targets undiagnosed gay men

    Gay men are diagnosed late, which can reduce treatment options

    11:45 AM — A new campaign that aims to raise the awareness of the issue of undiagnosed HIV+ gay men will be launched on World AIDS Day on December 1st.

  • Trans people will get two ID cards under government plans

    ID cards will be voluntary

    11:33 AM — People who are in the process of gender reassignment will be able to apply for two ID cards, it has been revealed.

  • 22nd November 2008

    Video: Turkey slaughter backdrop for Sarah Palin’s bizarre interview 7

    Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska two years ago

    2:55 PM — She electrified the Republican party base during the US Presidential elections with her hunting and shooting hockey mom persona.

  • Hollyoaks Spoilers: Heartbreak for Louise as Mandy confesses all

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    1:04 AM — Tony's living nightmare worsens when he's arrested in the Village for sexual activity with a child. Mandy attempts to calm his fears, but he's convinced that he's about to lose everything.

  • Coronation Street Spoilers: Carla is determined to go through with her wedding to Tony 1

    Carla is determined to go through with her wedding to Tony

    1:01 AM — There's trouble in store for Tony as Carla surprises him with a visit from his brother, Pat, and then Jed demands more money for the house he evicted him from. Jed also tells his tales to Kevin and Sally – fuelling her anger about the secrets Rosie has been asked to keep and the fact Carla makes a disparaging remark about Kevin. The wedding goes ahead smoothly – until Sally can't contain herself any more and spills the beans to Maria about Carla and Liam.

  • Emmerdale Spoilers: Shane Comes to a Sticky End

    Picture caption:  Will Debbie and Eli be able to cover up the murder?

    12:55 AM — Jasmine realises that Shane has strayed onto the wrong side of the law and she goes to Shane's flat to seek out evidence, which she finds in drugs and money. But it turns nasty when Shane returns and finds her hiding in a cupboard and starts to make demands. He is about to rape her when Debbie comes to the rescue - but goes to far when hitting him over the head with a chair, and kills him.

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Will Lauren Fall for Tony’s Charms?

    Lauren falls out with her family – but where does she end up?

    12:51 AM — Convinced that nothing will happen between her and Phil, Shirley plans to leave the square with Vinnie. When Heather finds out that Shirley slept with Phil the other night, she is determined to make her stay – but it is Vinnie who tells her not to settle for second best. But it could all be too late – despite Suzy's suspicions about Phil. It seems that Suzy has something up her sleeve that could persuade him to stay with her, regardless of his feelings elsewhere.

  • Hollyoaks Spoilers: Can Tony talk his way out of his latest bit of bother?

    Hollyoaks is on Channel 4 daily

    12:44 AM — Tony gets himself into serious trouble after finding out that his conquest from the previous night – Theresa – is a schoolgirl. He doesn't know what to do when she starts bombarding him with texts and phone calls so she confides in Mandy about his dilemma.

  • Emmerdale Spoilers: Can Donna decide between Marlon and Ross?

    Will Donna pluck up the courage to tell Marlon her real feelings?

    12:41 AM — Katie warns Andy to straighten out or risk losing everything and tries to persuade Jo to let him see Sarah. Daz also helps out and arranges to bring Jo and Sarah to the Woolpack where he has arranged a special nativity performance. Things go so well for Andy he gets carried away and kisses Katie – much to her horror. He calls her a tease which angers her enough to terminate his employment. Also, Daz has see what went on so tells Jo who sees it as a sign of Katie's revenge. However, they make up over a heart to heart – when Jo confesses she can't leave the village because of Sarah. Will Katie be able to persuade her otherwise?

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Will Heather’s persuasion get Phil and Shirley together?

    Phil succumbs to Shirley's charms – but will he stick around?

    12:37 AM — Max discharges himself from hospital against doctors' orders as he is getting increasingly frustrated as he tries to find out what happened to him. He manages to claw his way back into Tanya's house – forcing Jack to move out – but while Abi is delighted, Lauren seeks solace elsewhere. Dot is reluctant to help out and ends up telling Max that while Tanya might have done wrong – it was not beyond understanding.

  • Coronation Street Spoilers: Steve declares his love for Becky 1

    Becky and Steve get it together after an emotional court appearance

    12:27 AM — The lies that Steve told for Becky to protect her from going to prison start developing into the truth as he has to fight to get to court and testify – as Michelle has other plans for him on the day he is needed.

  • EastEnders Spoilers: Roxy has a baby girl

    Sean's nowhere to be found when Roxy goes into labour

    12:22 AM — There's a very dramatic start to the week in Walford. After a run in with Archie, Sean walks away from the Vic unaware that inside Roxy is going into labour. She's screaming for Sean, but he's busy sulking. An ambulance soon arrives to whisk the expectant mother to hospital, but she insists that she's not going anywhere without Sean. It seems like she's got no choice though as the baby is well on its way. Archie promises to find the lad.

  • 21st November 2008

    LGBT domestic violence helpline backs Reclaim the Night 1

    Broken Rainbow is an LGBT domestic abuse charity

    5:50 PM — The national helpline for lesbian, gay bisexual and trans people experiencing domestic violence has backed this year’s Reclaim the Night events.

  • Chicago’s first gay-friendly high school off the agenda 4

    Plans for a gay school in Chicago have been postponed

    4:51 PM — Backers of the creation of a high school for gay pupils have asked the Chicago Board of Education to take the plan off the agenda as they consider how to implement it.

  • MEPs ask Commission if gay asylum seekers should be returned to Iran 9

    MEPs have asked the Commission about gay asylum

    4:07 PM — Members of the European parliament have intervened in the case of a gay man from Iran who was reportedly refused asylum in Cyprus on the grounds of his sexual orientation.

  • Boyzone’s “deadly message” of gay equality upsets Presbyterian minister 20

    The video has upset a Presbyterian minister

    3:49 PM — The decision of a boyband to give its gay member a male love interest in their latest video has provoked comment from the somewhat unlikely source of an obscure Northern Ireland preacher.

  • 80% of kids believe in God, survey into faith bullying reveals 11

    24% of kids suffer religious bullying

    3:11 PM — A national charity has drawn attention to the widespread bullying children face because of their religious beliefs.

  • Dating site backs down over heterosexuals-only policy 8

    eHarmony was criticised for its no gays policy

    2:43 PM — A popular dating site has agreed to set up a separate site for gay and lesbians after setting a lawsuit out of court.

  • Video: Faggot, I kill every one of them 28

    Bounty Killer is playing in London on Sunday

    2:16 PM — Gay hate singer Bounty Killer is seen in this video boasting of wanting to murder gay and lesbian people.

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