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Writers create pro-gay ‘Princess Diana’ bible

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t know why they need to create a pro-gay bible when the bible is already gay friendly. What we need to do is to realize that certain passages used by extremist christians are being used out of context in many ways, historically and grammatically.

  2. Simon Murphy 28 Nov 2008, 2:06pm

    Horrible idea. Why gay film-makers want to have anything to do with that vile, work of fiction ie the bible is beyond me. I would love if gay people stopped reacting to the behaviour of fictional belief systems. Christianity has no basis in reality so by creating this movie I feel the film-makers are merely pandering to fictional ideas/

  3. bloody stupid idea

  4. I have to agree…..dumb idea…..just re-inforces the right wing religious cry that we gays want to destroy their religion….family values etc etc….and please oh dear god leave Diana out of it!!!!!! I guess it will happen….but it really does foster animosity with christians and atheists, gay and straight.

  5. A waste of trees. Douglas Howe at the end talked of ‘art thats destructive to faith…’. Well, having just visited the Darwin exhibition at the Natural History Museum recently, what kills faith off is REASON.

    The real problem is this: we are revering a book, made up by simple camel herders who thought the earth was flat, and lived 2000 – 3000 years before we discovered the true origin of our lowly species; before we knew why hurricanes, diseases and storms happened; before we knew the earth went round the sun. And so on. It was our first attempt at science, philosophy, history and morality – we have better answers in all these areas now. It’s time we grew out of this babyish nonsense.

    What will this translation do about the anti-semitic verses in the Gospel of John, the genocide in Deuteronomy, the condoning of slavery by Jesus in Matthew, and so on.

    This is a tawdry attempt to keep religion going, when what we should be doing is encouraging people to base their opinions on evidence, logic and observation.

    The real inspiration for morality is John Stuart Mill’s ‘On Liberty’.

  6. I think this is supposed to be an Onion style pisstake of religion turning on its head and extrapolating in a ludicrous way the faithheads propensity for conveniently self-serving interpretations of their various fairystories in order to suit their own bigot adgenda.

    Well, that’s how I saw it. All we need now is the Mark Kermode view :-)

  7. Yeah I think the joke’s on us here. I hope! Still, I think the Ted Haggard Bible might be interesting :-)

  8. It’s satire, similar to that in the movie from which the idea is derived. Indeed, the joke is on us.

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