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Trevor Phillips: “We can’t allow a spiral of silence on homophobic bullying to continue”

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 1 Dec 2008, 1:17pm

    Nice words but I am not certain I trust Philips. After all he is head of the EHRC – a group which recently appointed a homophobic religions extremist Joel Edwards as a commissioner. He is making the right noises but when a group like the EHRC appoints a homophobic religious extrmisist to its commission then they should be regarded with extreme suspicion.

  2. Elise Marie 16 Nov 2011, 7:46pm

    Greetings from Norway!

    I came over this site when reading about gay rights and The Trevor Project. Personally I am very passionated by all the important work that The Trevor Project is doing and about their crisis lifeline. I know how it is to be discriminated for being a lesbian, to be told I am sick for loving another woman. Enough is enough there should be equal rights for all no matter who you are or were you live.

    I am running my own fundraiser on a site called Crowdrise, here you can see it: there are many teammembers supporting it from all over the world. I would love you to become a teammember to and help support my fundraiser to raise more funds for helping gay teens.

    Elise Marie

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