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New guidelines advise Irish doctors how to treat gay and lesbian patients

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  1. Simon Murphy 1 Dec 2008, 11:05am

    This is good news I think. It is useful that GP’s are trained on how to deal with LGBT patient issues. One item in the article bugs me though – namely where it speaks about gay people refusing to disclose their sexuality to their doctor even when it is relevant to treatment. This type of behaviour really annoys me. I understand how difficult it can be for some people to come out but in relation to your doctor this type of behaviour is both cowardlt and stupid. Gay people need to stop playing helpless, victims and start demanding equal treatment. If a doctor reacts negatively to the news that you are gay then it is beyond stupid to stop or refuse treatment. The correct response to that is to change doctors and to report the other doctor for lack of professionalism. Gay people need to stop playing victim when it comes to their health.