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Liverpool Cathedral to host memorial service for murdered gay teenager

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Reader comments

  1. Poor Michael. He didn’t stand a chance did he? It’s almost 2009 and yet this sort of callous brutality against GLBT people still goes on. And the most sad fact of all, is that the perpetrators of this callous and brutal attack are so young. All around me, I see progress for us all, and yet I read of such acts of depravity. I despair sometimes.

  2. The Anglican church should stay out of of mourning the victims of homophobia. Although there are worse churches than the C of E from that point of view basically religion is the cause of most homophobia not the cure.

  3. Ste McCabe 28 Nov 2008, 5:08pm

    Can I just ask what all this “allegedly” crap is about? The police said from the start that this WAS a homophobic attack. I expect this from the mainstream press (those that gave Michael any publicity at all, which was nothing compared to the race-hate murder of Anthony Walker in the same area of Liverppol) but I expect Pink News to be better than this. There was nothing ambiguous abut this – he was killed because he was gay and we need to let people know or we will never be able to combat it.

  4. Ste McCabe 28 Nov 2008, 5:11pm

    What’s all this “allegedly” crap about? The police have said from the word go that this WAS a homophobic attack. I expect this rubbish from the mainstream news – that is of course when a gay murder gets any publicity at all in these so-called liberal days – but I expect much better from Pink News. Unless we state clearly that LGBT’s are still being murderd in this country with a disgusting frequency then we will never be able to combat it. Shame on you Pink News.

  5. Adam Hodgson 28 Nov 2008, 8:34pm

    Just a note really, the service starts at 7:30pm, not 6pm.

  6. Which Cathedral is it? The article fails to mention – Liverpool has two… the retro-gothic anglican number I live down the road from, and the Metropolitan “Paddy’s Wigwam”. Harry seems to be betting on the former, but does he know for sure?

  7. @ste mccabe – I think you’ll find the reason for the use of “allegedly” is due to there not being any conviction yet. It would be the same if it was a racially motivated murder, religion motivated murder – until it has been proven in a court of law it’s still “allegedly”.

  8. Well at least its a positive move by the Anglican clergy of Liverpool and thats something new!

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