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Malaysia’s fatwa council explains how ‘tomboys’ become lesbians

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Reader comments

  1. The Man’s Mad, but unfortunately influential. Save us from these crazy people.

  2. Muslims. Don’t you just love them. We’ve just seen Islamic thugs killing children playing in the street, and sick hospital patients with a carefree detachment from reality or ANY compassion in India.

    I’d suggest All gay people should boycott ALL islamic countries such as Dubai, or Malaysia and the united arab emirates. People should also boycott, any airlines from islamic countries, such as emirates, or malaysian airlines. Incidentally, I just cannot believe Kylie played in homophobic, woman repressive Dubai last week – maybe the money was good.

    Islam. Apparently it’s a peaceful religion. Yeah, right. I do hope governments around the world are watching events in India and wake up to the evil that is islam.

  3. Have Muslims got any idea how stupid they are??

  4. No, J Mathews, they clearly don’t — or perhaps many do, but it’s too dangerous to leave…

    Nor do they seem to have realized that the god character portrayed in the Bible & the Koran really resembles nothing quite so much as a cosmic projection of a petulant, narcissistic, wife-beating, child-abusing, feral ancient Middle-Eastern patriarch with little better to do than muss ‘n’ fuss over some ‘uppity women’ and their sartorial ‘inappropriateness’.

    Like a fascist version of Trinny & Susannah… on steroids!

  5. Commander Thor 28 Nov 2008, 8:48am

    This would be so hilarious if it was a comedy. Sadly, its really a tragedy. I actually wish there was a god that could save us from that…

  6. save us from religion – at least teh fundie end of it!!!

    The all seem obsessed with sex, sexuality, and sexual stereotypes.

    They’re so busy interfering in our sex lives that they somehow overlook all the truly horrible things happening immediately around them and in the world generally. Or, of course, they are the instigators of such horrors (in the name of their god of course).

    So much evil is being committed in the names of these various benevolent deities: any other delusion would be medically treated!

  7. My god, you can make up any old bad of shite and pass it off as the “word of god” these days. Religion is the recourse of the foolish and the fearful.

  8. Those queens, young and old, who pass their entire lives downtown in the bars and clubs of the Western world need to think about the repression that is still going strong in MANY MANY countries in the world and realise that therefore we are ALL still living in a medieval WORLD. When they screech, “Oh, but that’s not happening here!” just remind them that the Observer newspaper found in October that 24% of Britons believe that homosexual sex should be made illegal and that every week in the UK we hear of some UK citizen being murdered by a gay-hating thug.

  9. Idiotic and illogical. Just another way to pick on woman – aswell as LGBT people obviously. Yep, God’s up there checking out our wardrobes, girls.
    Or maybe – just maybe – he’s actually more concerned with the evilness promulgated in his name…..

  10. Well said Eddy! – we still have a long way to go and gay clubs are nowhere near the answer. These backward religions will cause even more trouble for us this century – I hate to say it but I think we may be in for some really tough times. It’s called backlash!

  11. Robert, ex-pat Brit 28 Nov 2008, 5:41pm

    What can we expect from a backward society living in the middle ages? Don’t you just love the political leaders who describe Islam as a great religion? They claim its a peaceful religion yet the evils of sharia law permit the killing of gay men and women and you can be executed for having sex outside of marriage. Note how no political leader would ever condemn that. To me, all religions are cults for the most part, each of them with a set of rules telling their followers what they are supposed to believe and not what to believe, how to think in order to be an adherent. If that’s not cultism, I don’t know what is. We in the west should ban state religion once and for all, get it out of the political arena altogether where it has never belonged. After all, isn’t it a choice rather than an inherent trait such as sexual orientation? And don’t forget that idiot, Rowan Williams advocating for certain facets of sharia law in the UK. These primitive cults are evil, all of them.

  12. Anything to subjugate women to a lower status that the Muslim men enjoy. It looks like the whole middle eastern and far east have a few nuts on their land. But then again, we have a few fundamentalists in our land that if allowed to profirate, would be just as nuts and radical as those Muslim countries.

  13. I lived in Malaysia for fifteen years and saw the progressive islamisation. Some of it was unbelievable. In states where Parti Se-Islam (PAS), the Islamic party, formed state governments, there was an obsession with anything remotely sexual, they had separate lines in supermarkets for men and women, lights were never dimmed in cinemas, many more measures, all to avoid opportunities for supposed “hanky-panky”, etc, etc. Women’s dress in that time became ever more ‘islamic’, with the long tunic (baju kurung in Malay) and the veil (telukung) now almost universal for Malay women. You started to see quite a few young men in that kind of ‘mujahedeen’ outfit. It was strange, how a society becoming very modern (in Kuala Lumpur, anyway) was at the same time being pushed back in attitudes by the conservatives. The ‘pengkid’ idea, well it’s just nuts, there are gay men and women and trans people (I knew three in KL) just as anywhere else!

  14. john wilfred sharp 1 Dec 2008, 3:39am

    the sad thing the same thing is happening in Indonesia too with the so called pornographic law .
    we should ban all religious visible sighs in our societies .
    stupidity has indeed no limits .
    the cleric should ban clerics form becoming clerics and feeding the world lies .religions since not proven and lies and deceit
    that surely is no foundation to judge others

  15. “The ‘pengkid’ idea, well it’s just nuts, there are gay men and women and trans people (I knew three in KL) just as anywhere else!”

    Tell me about it! One of them’s my boyfriend! There are some interesting schisms going on in his head, but he’s still gorgeus.

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