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Lesbian soldier wins MoD harassment payout

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Reader comments

  1. Joe Johnston 27 Nov 2008, 7:25pm

    Wel whatever she may have been entitled to she is definitely NOT entitled to more compensation than combat soldiers who have had their limbs blown off – I’m with the Daily Mail on this one – it’s disgusting

  2. Part of the award was as exemplary damages, which she and any one else is fully entitled to. If you want to bitch about the size of the awards, bitch about it to the government whose payments to the wounded and dead is objectionable in its size and reasoning behind it. That’s where your disgust should be directed. And while you’re at it, tell them how disgusting you think it is that all the military hospitals have been closed down and those poor buggers have to contend with civvies who haven’t a clue about what they’ve been through. But lets not mention the poor equipment from footwear up that they have been made to put up with. It’s been the same story with every government since the inception of the British Army. PBI means what it says, Poor Bloody Infantry!

    Anyway, that my rant over, you go and have a nice read of the daily mail, who knows, perhaps you’ll be agreeing next with their stand on LGBT issues…Which is what their disgust is really about.

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