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Teenager charged with murder of London gay man

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Reader comments

  1. And this is probably some 16-year-old who has been sitting in his unkempt little bedroom listening for hour upon hour to the exhortations of the likes of “Bounty Killer” to go out and feel free to kill all de batty boys.

    How many of us gays have to be killed before we RIOT ???????

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Nov 2008, 3:53pm

    Eddy, I’m with you on that. The entire nation needs educating on homophobia and what it implies. Homophobia like religion is learned behaviour begetting one generation to the next. These children are taught to hate and it usually starts in the home. The organised “cults” don’t do much better either, in fact foster it by using scriptural quotes to advance its agenda and maintain power. If a gay person went out and murdered a straight person, there would be national uproar and condemnation and you can imagine the homophobic remarks accompanying it. I can just imagine the headlines in the gutter press tabloids such as the Daily Mirror and other yellow journalistic “rags”.

  3. I cannot believe that gays are being killed in London in 21. c. like its Iran, not UK.

  4. Gosh, this must be an error, someone charged by the UK police with the murder of a gay man,…oh, wait, its a teenager who is charged.

    Given that ONLY 1% of homophobic incidents reported to UK police result in a conviction and ten times that many incidents are not reported to the police in the 1st place due to justifable concerns about the continuing problem of police homophobic attitudes & practises AGAINST gay persons…don’t expect British Justice to convict a gay killer…it seemingly only happens by accident!

    Anyone would think the police would rather promote the concert of someone advocating killing of gay people…Oh, wait, they are…with the police green light for the ‘Bounty Killer’ concert

    The UK police = Still the problem and NO part of the soloution to Homophobia in the UK

    Who has actually stated this was a homophobic attack??
    The Home office haven’t even determined the cause of death yet, let alone the motive. I am all for supporting gay rights and preventing homophobia, but let’s not jump to obvious conclusions.
    Over 20 black kids were stabbed in London alone this year. How many were racially motivated? None.
    IF, and I say IF, it is proven that this was a homophobically motivated crime, THEN people can started pointing fingers. Until that point, let people do their jobs and stop stirring the sh*t.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Nov 2008, 8:32pm

    Assistant Detective Chief Inspector Clive Heys of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command said on November 24, 2008:

    “David was viciously assaulted and has suffered serious head injuries,” said A/DCI Heys.

    “At present were investigating the possibility that David has died as the result of a homophobic attack.”

    “But it should be stressed that we retain an open mind regarding its motive.

    It seems to point to homophobia even if not yet confirmed.

  7. I was a very close friend of David Cooper and have obviously been in total shock over his murder. I agree with past comments that it was ONLY a suggestion that this was a ‘homophobic’ attack by the Police. The only person who knows the truth, is his assailent, murder is murder, ‘the ultimate crime, I just hope and pray that David and his family and friends get justice at the end of this tragic incedent. R.I.P. David Stuart x

  8. David was a kind and fantastic man he didnt deserve this r.i.p david cooper we miss and love you soooooo much 831 always angel x
    not even a life sentence for this evil person is gonna be enough x

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